Uncle also said Xamarin~android article ~ Environment deployment and crack

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Original: Uncle also said Xamarin~android ~ Environment deployment and crack

Now mobile development is hot, so many people have turned to it, the uncle is no exception, this time there is a mechanism to contact Xamarin this thing, in fact, before also used for Xamarin, just to write web programs, no contact to mobile development, for Xamarin Mobile development is divided into three branches, Android,ios and WinForm, may later support other development, Xamarin this thing is cross-platform, itself also has Mac,window version, according to your need and custom.

There are several things Android needs to involve

Java JDK: (Java development Kit) the Java Runtime Environment, the JDK is the core of the entire Java, including the Java Runtime Environment, Java Tools and Java Basic Class library

ANDROID:SDK (Android software Development kit) Software development engineers are used to set up application development tools for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, operating systems, and more. That's what we're talking about, sdk4.2,sdk5.1,sdk6.0.

The Android Ndk:android Ndk was added in front of the SDK with the word "native", the native development Kit, which Google called the "NDK".

As is known to all, Android programs run in Dalvik virtual machines, and the NDK allows users to execute part of the program using native code languages like C + +.

Android AVD: (Android virtual Device), an Android VM, this machine provides the speed is very slow, it is not as good as downloading the third party's

SDK related Introduction the NDK includes
    • The tools and build files required to generate the native code base from C + +.
    • Embed a consistent native library into the application package files that you can deploy on your Android device (application packages files, the. apk file).
    • Support for all future Android platforms with some column native system header files and libraries
Why use the NDK?In general, the main categories are as follows: 1. Code protection, because the Java layer Code of the APK is easy to decompile, and the C + + library counter-sink is more difficult. 2. Call the third-party C/S library in the NDK, because most of the open source libraries are written in C/s code. 3. Easy to transplant, the library written in C + + can be reused on other embedded platforms. Environment Building 1 Download Java jdk and install 2 download Android SDK and unzip 3 download Xamarin, version 3.11.666, currently this version cracked after more stable, no size limit 4 Download the Xamarin Studio development environment to build Android, and generate the APK note that the release mode is required to generate the APK file by dragging the tool from the Toolbox, using the specified emulator to open, or the APK file after the real-time test is completed, and now our first Android program is finished, Thank you for your Zhu Shouqiang master's cracked bag here!

Uncle also said Xamarin~android article ~ Environment deployment and crack

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