Unity3d terrain Settings thoroughly understand the full experiment and analysis of terrain detailed setting (c) Thickness

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Many terrain detailed settings, understand the word also do not understand what meaning, this preparation one-time experiment finished, thoroughly understand.

Also refer to Ceeger translations, Unity Manual, experiments to explain


---unity manual

How much the terrain collision volume should extend along the negative y-axis. Objects is considered colliding with the terrain from the surface to a depth equal to the thickness. This helps prevent high-speed moving objects from penetrating into the terrain without using expensive continuous collisio N Detection.

This property means that, along the terrain-y direction, the amount of terrain collisions needs to be expanded to the extent that the collision of the object with the terrain will be computed on the terrain surface to the downward thickness meter. This amount helps prevent the object from moving so fast that it penetrates into the terrain, and eliminates the need to use a continuous collision detection mechanism that is particularly resource-intensive to ensure that objects are not embedded in the terrain.


not for the moment.


The meaning of this attribute can be clearly understood through the explanations in the manual. I explain again that the object is not embedded in the terrain, because the terrain surface will be collision detection, and when the object moved too fast, may be due to collision detection clearance, the object into the terrain. So if the detection range of the collision detection is extended downward, even if the object has been embedded in the terrain 0.3 meters, as long as the thickness >= 0.3 meters, the object can be detected, and then pulled out. If this method is not used, then the continuous collision detection, obviously, continuous collision detection, is quite a time-consuming piece. So, this strategy should also be called space change time.

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