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Universal DIY design software + online custom mall system source code-Open Source Chinese community 1. decompress the zip package to the website root directory (if there are other projects under this directory, create a folder and decompress it to the new folder );

2. access the root directory of the website and install it by following the steps (if the prompt is LINUX, insufficient permissions may be prompted. use the chmod command to modify the permission );
(Note: During the test, the data installation time is long. if a response timeout is prompted, go to php. ini (the php. ini file of the server, not the php. ini file of the mall)
Modify the value of max_execution_time in the configuration file. I have set the value 600. In addition, you may need to modify the time zone)

3. after the installation is successful, you can click "Install extension" in the background to upload and install the plug-in. click "refresh" in the code adjustment page and the system will
When the cache is re-created, the foreground will change to the maintenance mode. you can choose System Settings> online shop settings> Edit> disable the maintenance function on the server.
The mall can be viewed normally

4. do not switch to the default template. The first is too ugly, and the second is that many functions cannot be used. many content on the front-end is modified on the tpl file of the beamstore topic,
The plug-in is not written, so changing the topic may cause many problems.

5. the mall front-end can be highly customized. you can define the mall style in the extended functions> module management, for example, www.aipinseying.com is the same project you have installed.

6. the plug-in is fully open-source. you can modify the deleted feature in the plug-in or add your favorite feature. Please study the working principle of the opencart2.0 plug-in on your own. In addition, this
A newbie, plug-in writing a bit messy...

7. explore other functions

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