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If you want to build an ASP. NET Web site, you need to build it based on robust and reliable code. Is it great to make some changes and customize them from a complete website and then launch them online? ASP. NET Starter Kit is a packaging solution that allows you to do so. The five Toolkit (Community, Reports, Commerce, Portal, and Time Tracker) provide reusable and customizable complete code. In addition, many ISPs support automatic deployment of ASP. NET Starter Kit Web sites. When you must deploy the site quickly, only a few tasks are left for you. This article introduces ASP. NET Starter Kit and builds a community Web site with many advanced features (such as rating, user voting, uploading quotas, change notifications, and topics.
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Commerce Starter Kit and Portal Starter Kit
Time Tracker Starter Kit
Reports Starter Kit
Community Starter Kit
Create a community
Community Starter Kit structure
Create a new module
ASP. NET and Visual Studio & reg;. NET have indeed made Web application development easier. However, you still need to do some work yourself when creating an ASP. NET Web site. You still need to design a complete application, develop it with reusable reliable code, and thoroughly test it. In this process, you may ask yourself: "Has someone already solved this problem? Are I developing it again ?" Some scenarios are common for most ASP. NET developers, such as combining community sites, tracking the time of a project or creating portals for a company. Building based on a well-designed Foundation (without having to design the application from scratch, even if it means you can customize and scale the solution) will bring good results. This is exactly the design idea of ASP. NET Starter Kit.
ASP. NET Starter Kit is a set of five sample packaging applications provided by Microsoft that you can download from the This includes an e-commerce storefront application, a community Web site, a portal site, sample reports, and a project time tracking application. The purpose of Starter Kit is to provide several useful start websites and some reliable ASP. NET code examples, from which you can learn and build websites. All the five Starter Kit comes with the complete source code? Or Microsoft? The data engine (MSDE) is used for data storage and can be stored in Visual Basic? C # and J # versions. In addition, Starter Kit can be used in Visual Studio. NET (with independent. aspx and code hidden pages) or in SDK version (without code hidden pages. Therefore, you can use Starter Kit in your favorite environment, regardless of whether the environment is Visual Studio. NET, ASP. NET Web Matrix Project, or another editor. In this article, I will introduce these five ASP. NET Starter Kit. Next, we will focus on Community Starter Kit to show you how to expand it based on your specific needs.
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