Use CSS3 to create 50 excellent animation effects tutorials and css350 animation tutorials

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Use CSS3 to create 50 excellent animation effects tutorials and css350 animation tutorials

CSS3 brings us amazing new features, and the most interesting is CSS animation. We recommend these 50 CSS animation sets for you to use JavaScript Functions to make the animation more vivid. To preview the animation effects of these amazing CSS3 technologies, please use browsers Based on WebKit kernels such as Safari and Chrome.(IE browser declined to watch ~)

1. CSS3 implements the clock effect (based on jQuery)

Using the basic Deformation Feature of CSS3: rotate, and combining the CSS3 clock effect produced by javaScript frameworks such as jQuery.

2. analog clock

The analog clock is transformed Based on the transition webkit and CSS3, and javascript is used to rotate it at the current time.

3. You can use the arrow keys to rotate a 3D cube.

You can use the top, bottom, left, and right arrow keys to control the 3D cube. It is created based on webkit-perspective,-webkit-transform, and-webkit-transition.

4. Multiple 3D cubes (fade in and out)

A variety of 3D cubes use CSS3 and Its Attributes 'transform' and 'transition '. I personally think the effect is amazing. You can see the strong sense of text written on the 3D cube.

5. CSS3 accordion Effect

The effect of the accordion menu implemented by CSS3 is based on the proprietary attributes of the webkit browser.

6. Auto-scroll parallax effect

The CSS transition attribute of WebKit is used to automatically scroll the parallax effect. This effect does not require JavaScript.

7. Isocube

Isocube is similar to a 3D cube, but it also has a difference that it can be pasted on the cube surface.

8. CSS3 image sets

9. CSS3 Matrix (black guest empire effect)

The hacker empire is one of the best Sci-Fi fiction adaptation movies, and now uses pure CSS to implement matrix effects in movies.

Special effects of 10.7 CSS3 combined with javascript technology

Examples of special effects of 7 CSS3 combined with javascript technology. The effects include fade in and fade out, vibrate, Light shift, expand, beat, rotate, and accordion effects.

11. Various Mouse hover image effects

Six mouse hover images implemented by CSS3 instead of JavaScript are still dazzling!

12. Rotating Coca-Cola cans (controlled by the scroll bar)

13.3D female

14. Polaroid Gallery

The Polaroid gallery is implemented by the CSS3 technology to pile up some photos. What's interesting is that the pictures are rotated and zoomed in slowly ~

15. Space

16. Mac Dock

CSS3 simulated mac OS menu...

17. Drop-In Modals

18. Sliding records

This effect uses CSS3 transition and some HTML, and an album on it will look more vivid.

19. CSS3 Zooming Polaroids

This effect will sort a list of photos in order and rotate them at different angles. CSS2 and CSS3 technologies are used without JavaScript. It reads the photo description from the alt attribute of the image and places it below the photo.

20. CSS3 rocket Animation

21. Poster Circle

22. Deformed cube

23. animated Polaroid Gallery

24. Projection effect under the spotlight

25. Colorful clock

26. Lightbox Gallery

27. Auto thumbnail menu

28. Coverflow

29. jQuery DJ Hero

30. Dynamic Stacking Cards

31. Another CSS3 image gallery Effect

32. Snow heap (using direction keys)

33. CSS3 animated version price bar

34. Smooth jQuery + CSS3 menu

35. CSS Tag (no JavaScript)

36. CSS Tag menu (no JavaScript)

37. SVG + CSS3 fish eye menu

38. CSS3 fallen leaves

39. CSS3 rotating gallery Effect

40. CSS3 drop-down menu

41. Star Wars-style crawling text (pure HTML + CSS)

42. CSS 3 instant stickers

43.css 3 snowflake

44. Another fish eye effect

45. CSS3 frame-by-frame animation

The first CSS3 frame-by-frame animation instance requires you to continuously use the mouse to click an image. When playing to the last frame, it will automatically play the first frame, so that the loop, however, the first instance can only be implemented in FireFox and Opera. The second Css3 frame-by-frame animation instance requires you to move the mouse over the image. It is still the mousemove action. As long as you move the mouse over the image animation, it will continue to play, however, the animation playback speed is related to the speed at which your mouse moves. This instance supports Safari, Google Chrome, IE8, Firefox, and Opera.

46. armored vehicles in all regions

47. Another CSS3 accordion Effect

48. Dynamic Display without Flash

49. Smooth menu bar

50. loading rotation effect

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