Use PHP eggs to correctly determine the PHP version

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After reading the Sunge article, I think it is better to talk about it:


Based on the PHP eggs, we can preliminarily determine the approximate scope of the PHP version. We know that PHP has many special vulnerabilities distributed in various versions, which makes sense for penetration points.

Foreigners have given specific methods, can refer to the


Access /? = PHPE9568F36-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42


The PHP version of the color PHP flag is between 5.1.3-5.2.13, and we can see X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.10 in the packet capture.


Based on the egg information and the X-Powered-By header information, we can know that the Discuz server is not fake for the version, and the PHP version is 5.2.10.

Therefore, the WEB scanner obtainsX-Powered-By header information beforeWith the HASH of images in the egg, you can set the PHP version of the server more accurately.

While forging and shielding on the serverX-Powered-By header informationThe approximate range of the PHP version can be determined based on the PHP eggs.

From: RAyh4c Black Box

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