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All the friends who develop PHP know that in fact, the most worry is that there are some exceptions or errors in the program, if the output to the user's screen will frighten the user, and even lost the job, if not output to the screen to find ways to record the log, but it seems not everyone has the habit of viewing the error log, To solve this embarrassing problem, I wrote this code, which is meant to capture the wrong content when we write a PHP program and send it to our email.

First look at the effect:

Copy Code code as follows:

Define (' Sys_debug ', false);
IF (Sys_debug) {
Ini_set (' display_errors ', ' on ');
Error_reporting (E_all)//On line use this setting error_reporting (E_error | e_warning | E_parse);
Ini_set (' display_errors ', ' off ');
error_reporting (0);

Error capture
Register_shutdown_function (' Fun::error ');

Class fun{

General error Handling
What to output, whether to terminate the execution of the program
This function can be used to output custom error content when there is a pass value
In addition, it can also cooperate with register_shutdown_function to realize automatic crawl error content, and will crawl the wrong content to send to the email
The register_shutdown_function mechanism is to call the function when the program is finished or midway through the error
If it is invoked when an automatic crawl error occurs, the content of the last error is obtained, and if there is no error, the content jumps out
Content will be exported directly to the screen or email
Fun::error (' wrong content ');
Fun::error (' Error content ', false);
Public Static Function Error ($M = ', $E =true) {
$M =trim ($M);
IF ($M!= ') {//Manual call
$M = ' <b> note:</b> '. $M;
Echo strtr ($ERRTPL, Array (' {$M} ' => $M)); UnSet ($ERRTPL);
IF ($E ===true) {Die ();}
Call when the}else{//program completes an automatic crawl error
$M =error_get_last ()//To make the final error
IF (! Is_array ($M) Or Count ($M) <4) {Unset ($M); return;}
IF (! File_exists ($M [' file '])) {Unset ($M); return;}

Get 5 lines of error key code, if not the content, indicating that the error file does not exist
$E =array_slice (File ($M [' file ']), ($M [' line ']-4], 5);
IF (! Is_array ($E)) {Unset ($M, $E); return;}

$E [' M ']= '];
For ($i =0 $i <5; $i + +) {
$E [$i]=isset ($E [$i])? $E [$i]: ';
$E [' M '].= '];
$E [' M '].= ($i ==3)? ' <b> '. ($M [' line ']-3] + ($i + 1)). ' </b> ': (($M [' line ']-3] + ($i + 1));
$E [' M '].= ': '. Htmlspecialchars ($E [$i],ent_quotes, ' UTF-8 '). ' <br> ';
$E =& $E [' M '];

$M = ' <b> automatically captures error!</b><br><br><b> error:</b><br> <b> '. $M [' file ']. ' </b> <b> '. $M [' line ']. ' </b> line appears with Type <b> '. $M [' type ']. ' </b> error:<br> '. $M [' message ']. ' <br><br><b> key code:</b><br> '. $E. ' <br> ' Self::now (' y-m-d h:i:s ', Time ()). ' <br> ';

$M =strtr ($ERRTPL, Array (' {$M} ' => $M)); UnSet ($ERRTPL);

$G =SEFT::GETG (' SYS ', ' config ');
IF (!self::mail2 ($G [' Spe '], ' Warning: '. $G [' tit ']. ' PHP programming Error! ', $M) and Sys_debug===true) {
throw new Exception (' Warning: '. $G [' tit ']. ' PHP error!<br><br> '. $M);
IF (sys_debug) {Echo $M;}
UnSet ($E, $M, $G);
Die ();
Send e-mail
Recipients, message headers (no line breaks), message content (must be delimited between rows and rows, no more than 70 characters per line)
Invoke PHP built-in function mail to send an email
Returns a Boolean value
$IsSend =fun::mail2 ($email, $tit, $msg);
Public Static Function Mail2 ($to, $tit, $msg) {
IF (Filter_var ($to, filter_validate_email) = = ") {
throw new Exception (' Email address error! ');

$tit = ' =? UTF-8? B? '. Base64_encode ($tit). =';
$msg = Str_replace ("\ n.", "\ n..", $msg); Windows will be deleted if a period is found at the beginning of a line to avoid this problem by replacing a single period with two periods

Return Mail ($to, $tit, $msg, ' from: '. SEFT::GETG (' Config/sys/mal '). " \ n '. ' Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8 ');
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