Use PHPINFO to implement the PHP configuration Statistics process

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Use PHPINFO to implement the PHP configuration Statistics process. Read the PHP configuration Statistics process using PHPINFO. we all know that phpinfo () is used to display the server configuration (), it is a useful tool for installing new servers and can communicate with administrators. Of course, after use, it is usually removed or "> <LINKhref =" http: // ww

As we all know, phpinfo () is used to display server configurations. it is a very useful tool for installing new servers and can communicate with administrators.

Of course, after use, it is usually removed or only provided to a small number of people. Indeed, phpinfo itself may be very dangerous. Sometimes it may even have XSS injection defects. Even if you think it is safe, phpinfo will expose some of your configuration structures, so we recommend that you keep it away.

It is a pity that the phpinfo page is now a very common thing as part of the web server, and the search engine often picks up its information, with thousands of phpinfo () it is on various search engines such as yahoo. You only need to search 'phpinfo () ''googlebot' and "Zend Scripting Language Engine" on your yahoo to see them. Read the Ilia's article-how to protect your phpinfo () Reliably locating phpinfo (18 visites )).

Of course, on the other hand, it is a great fortune for us to collect so much phpinfo information around the world. Once we get the URL address, we only need to download the phpinfo () file, and then we analyze it and store it as the corresponding data. these are what I am doing.

I got 12000 phpinfo () on intrenet (). Here we reference 11048 useful examples. 11000 of the total number of php sites is only one drop in the ocean. However, compared with the number of search engines such as google, it also accounts for 1%, so it can also represent some opinions.

How much information can we get from these databases? Is this just an interesting common connection? Many people think that it is not easy to obtain phpinfo information in search engines, and it may even take some luck. Such determination is not a good thing. In fact, let me teach you how to search for the phpinfo page of your website. then you will be surprised to use this format 'phpinfo site:

On the other hand, 11000 is a large number. After collecting the phpinfo information, I used to compare the distribution and quantity of various php versions. Among them, 87% is quite good. In general, this information is quite representative.

Well, after finishing this long introduction, we got some interesting data from these materials. Finally, phpinfo contains a lot of information. I extracted some cross content as a template.


Configuration data is always unexpected or unexpected. After reading the data, we found that there are still many areas for guidance.

Generally, many configurations are very common values. We found that many of the Php developers did not have a detailed understanding of the content of the php. ini file and understand it ......

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