Use Putty and SSH to access your OpenShift Program

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OpenShift is often upgraded. After the upgrade, the program won't be accessible. I see an article on the internet saying that I can restart the service through SSH (users with the same problem can log on to Gear through SSH, enter"Ctl_all start"Or"Ctl_all restart"Start the httpd service .), SSH seems to be accessible using the following command: ssh <uuid >@< dns-name>, But PuTTY is mostly used on Windows platforms. How can I use PuTTY for access? So I will translate this article below to show you that the tragedy is that Openshift has been learned by qiang, a magical land: using Putty and SSH to access your program PuTTY is a very popular SSH implementation in Windows. It is a free software. If you don't have it, you can search for it. The key of this article is the key, because PuTTY's key is different from OpenSHH's processing.

The first step is to convert the SSH key to the PuTTY format.

Note: you only need to perform this step once.

When rhc tools is installed, the SSH key is created in OpenSHH format, which is slightly different from the PuTTY format. In, We will import the previously created OpenSSH key and convert it to the PU format. When rhc tools are installed, your SSH keys are created in the OpenSSH format. this format differs slightly from thePuTTYformat. in this step, we'll import the OpenSSH key that you have created earlier and convert it to native PuTTY format.

If you do not have PuTTY or PuTTYgen, please download: /~ Sgtatham/putty /.

Start PuTTYgen and select Conversions-> Import Key


By default, OpenSSH stores the key in Drive: \ Documents and Settings \ user \. ssh folder (WindowsXP), or Drive: \ Users \ user \. ssh folder (Windows 7 ). In the selector, find the Directory and select the id_rsa file, which contains your private key.

In fact, you can see another public key file -- Windows may be incorrectly identified as a 'Microsoft publisher' file. If you select for the error, PuTTYgen reports an error indicating that your file does not contain a private key.

Once imported, you can see the following import information in PuTTYgen.


Click Save private key and select the same Drive: \ Documents and Settings \ user \. ssh directory. The default file name is id_rsa.ppk.

Now you have three files in this folder: OpenSSH Private Key id_rsa, PuTTY Private Key id_rsa.ppk and Public Key


We will use this key to securely access your application.

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