Use Kingate to build SOCKS proxy server on Linux VPS

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Kingate is a proxy server developed by a Chinese people, supporting a variety of protocols such as HTTP,SOCKS,FTP. Support multi-threaded, TCP port mapping, rule control, Time control, user authentication, HTTP management and other functions.

Kingate Official website:

Install the required dependency packages


Apt-get install build-essential automake make gcc g++

Yum install make automake gcc gcc-c++ gcc-g77
Installing Kingate


Tar xzf kingate-2.0.tar.gz

CD kingate-2.0/


Make && make install

Configure Kingate

Modify/usr/local/kingate/etc/kingate.conf to the following:

HTTP off

FTP off

POP3 off

SMTP off

Telnet off

Socks on

MMS off

RTSP off

Manage on

Max 2000


Min_free_thread 3

Http_port 8082

Http_accelerate off

X_forwarded_for on

Http_time_out 30

Ftp_port 2121

Ftp_time_out 300

Pop3_port 1100

Pop3_time_out 300

Smtp_port 2525

Smtp_time_out 300

Telnet_port 2323

Telnet_time_out 300

Socks_port 20120

Socks_time_out 300

Socks5_user off

Mms_port 1755

Mms_time_out 300

Rtsp_port 5540

Rtsp_time_out 300

Manage_port 8822

Manage_time_out 300

Log_model User

Log_level 0

log_rotate {0 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 * * *}

Log_close_msg on

Mem_min_cache 50m

Mem_max_cache 12m

Disk_min_cache 20m

Disk_max_cache 30m

Use_disk_cache off

Refresh Never

Refresh_time 300

User_time_out 0

Mem_cache 50m

Disk_cache 100m


Max_queue_thread 15

Min_limit_speed_size 1m

Limit_speed 20k

Max_request 50

Total_seconds 10



Insert_via off

In the above configuration, socks on indicates that the SOCKS agent is enabled (or you can turn on other types of proxies according to your own requirements), Socks_port 20120 represents the port of the socks agent. Manage on to enable HTTP management, Manage_port 8822 is an HTTP managed port. It is highly recommended to modify the port number!

Kingate Start-up and management

Download startup scripts and add permissions


MV Kingate.init.d/etc/init.d/kingate

chmod +x/etc/init.d/kingate

Kingate Management

Start Kingate:

/etc/init.d/kingate start
Close kingate:

/etc/init.d/kingate stop
Restart Kingate:

/etc/init.d/kingate restart
HTTP Administration

Management address: http://ip:8822, if the configuration has been modified, 8822 port is modified to the port number you set, the default user name is root, password is kingate.

Join boot Start

Debian execution:

Update-rc.d-f kingate Defaults
CentOS Execution:

Chkconfig–level 345 kingate on


Use Kingate to build SOCKS proxy server on Linux VPS

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