Use the @ symbol to explain how to use reserved words in C # as variable names

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In C and C ++, we know there is no way to start a variable named int, because this is a reserved keyword for C/C ++, such a variable name cannot tell whether it is an int type or an int variable.
In fact, there is also such a rule in C # That a variable name cannot be a reserved keyword. For example:

In C/C ++, we can't do anything about it. You must start a non-int type, such as adding an underscore ..
Of course, this can also be done in C.

I read "C #3.0 in a nutshell, 3rd Edition" today to know that there was another way to add the @ symbol (I saw another @ symbol ):CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: Class @ int
Static void main (string [] ARGs)
Console. writeline (@ string. @ long );
Class @ string
Public static int @ long = 3;

Of course, the @ symbol can be added before the reserved word or before any other valid variable name:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: String @ demostr = string. empty;

Note:In the compiler, the @ symbol is automatically removed, that is, demostr and @ demostr are considered to be the same variable in the compiler.

Although C # provides this mechanism to create a variable name with reserved words, I personally think this is a bad code style. This method may confuse others who do not know this feature.

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