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It is easy to use winrar for encryption, but it is still insecure if the method is not proper. For example, if the number of characters in a password is too small and the characters are too frequently used, it is especially dangerous to use only numbers, the attacker does not have to make much effort to crack the attack.
It is easy to implement security encryption. You only need to increase the number of characters in the password, but the problem is that it is hard to remember when there are too many characters. How can we ensure security and remember?
In fact, it is not hard to remember your company's name, or a piece of old training, or idioms. You can copy these things to the clipboard and then copy them to the password box, you just need to add some hard-remembered passwords. In the future, the content in front of the password remains unchanged, and only the last tail is changed.
The password length of winrar can be up to 99 bytes, so you don't have to worry about your password installation.
Because 1. The password length is greatly increased, and 2 passwords contain Chinese characters, it is just a dream to crack them.

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