Use xmanager to connect to Linux Remote Desktop-Linux server settings and xmanager settings

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Use xmanager to connect to Linux Remote Desktop-Linux server settings and xmanager settings

I studied how to use xmanager to connect to the Linux Remote Desktop one afternoon. Now we have finally done it.

Linux server settings:

========================================================== =====

1. Modify the/etc/inittab and change runlevel to 5, for example
[Root @ qredhat etc] # Cat/etc/inittab
ID: 5: initdefault:

Run Linux in 5-level Mode
2. modify the configuration file/etc/X11/TPD. conf of the target instance and set the Enable option in [XDMCP] to 1. For example
[Root @ qredhat etc] # Cat/etc/X11/TPD. conf
Enable = 1

Set false to true or 1.
3. Modify the/etc/X11/xdm-config file and comment out displaymanager. requestport: 0, for example
[Root @ qredhat etc] # Cat/etc/X11/xdm-config
! Security: Do not listen for XDMCP or chooser requests
! Comment out this line if you want to manage X terminals with xdm
! Displaymanager. requestport: 0

Unblocking to blocking
4. Modify the/etc/X11/xdm/xaccess file, for example,
[Root @ qredhat etc] # Cat/etc/X11/xdm/xaccess
* # Any host can get a login window
* Chooser broadcast # Any indirect host can get a chooser

If the firewall is selected, modify the following:
5. Modify the firewall configuration file/etc/sysconfig/ipchains and add the following content to the file header (some may not)
# If you want to use gnome/Kde, add the following line.
-A input-p udp-s 0/0-D 0/0 177-J accept
6. Restart RedHat Linux


Xmanager settings:

1. Run xbrowser.

2. A new session

3. Select XDMCP.

4. Set the method based on the network type of the host, for example, whether it is a LAN.
IP address of the Linux Server written to the host
Port 177 by default

5. Next-> next-> finish


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