Using a year's time, using spare two hours a day, how can you master, Python,mysql, server, Linux?

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How to use the time of a year, the use of spare two hours a day, how can master, python,mysql, server, Linux, hope to have a daily learning plan, use a year time can master the use of the above several items, thank you, there is no basis.

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As a Python hobbyist, groping for the rookie, try to answer:
1, choose a Web framework, light enough, simple enough, such as Flask
2, according to Flask official tutorial to do a blog, this case is simple enough, as your personal blog v1.0
3, iterate your blog, at the same time will encounter problems and solutions, as well as the learning process of the formation of words, published in the personal Blog
4, buy a case book, such as "Flask Web development: Python-based Web application development practice", understand the technical architecture and implementation of large-scale programs, understanding methods and ideas, continue to iterate your personal Blog
5, must know several great gods, occasionally trouble to help you solve the problem. The most afraid of stepping into the pit without consciousness, looking for reasons, wasting time and frustration feeling very strong
6, when you think you do something good, buy a VPS, deploy your Blog to the online, if it is a foreign VPS, you can use the way to build Shadowsocks or VPN science online
7. In the process of continuous iteration, you will think of New idea, find ways to achieve it
8, gradually will find: learn to first question the main problem is no longer python is not difficult, how I want to learn, learn not to learn will Balabala. and other issues.
The biggest problem is whether the Lord can keep learning interest for a long time in only two hours of study.

I can tell you in person, for beginners, two hours a day is completely enough. Note that this is not enough to learn the time is not enough, but to cultivate a lack of interest in Python language. Of course, it does not include those who are as hard-willed as the exposed chewing gum.

For example, the main work of the day, tired of dying, but still fighting high dragged tired body to try to spare two hours to learn python.
The first day practiced hand, because debugging a few small errors lost two or three head

The next day to find some examples, results found a desktop program code when the Web program debugging, and wasted a night

The third day to fill the basics, the result lost in unfamiliar nouns and hyperlinks in the sea

The book of the fourth day to buy, found that the content of the book in addition to the first day of the completed Helloword program is not a suitable example of new practiced hand (the case is mostly "decomposition action", to solve specific technical problems, And the master as a novice more want to quickly do a few helloworld as a pole to see the shadow, a sense of accomplishment of things). Ask technical veteran, the answer is often: we do not read, direct Google ...

On the fifth day, the system crashed, and later did not bother to install Python and configure the local Web server.

So, the main problem you need is not what effective learning methods, but how to adjust their own mentality, how to avoid being hit a few throw away the mentality. There is a small difference in the configuration of each machine. So it's always a little bit wrong to act on someone else's document. (It can be diagnosed and solved twice for the veteran, which is deadly to the novice, no more than a small error two hours to fight morale)
I would say I was self-taught when the py was hit a few degrees to give up and picked up again. 23333

Finally, advise all beginners, py although known as very simple, but not a good mentality and learning interest, will end up halfway. With these, what to read what books, what study plan, all is shit. Your body will be interested in stimulating the knowledge, curiosity, unwilling to control, control you to see the right book for you, manipulate you to brush GitHub, ah, finally will be hit to cry out, but Ann ~ we are self-taught, what is the DA! Skilled in the lamp you have this time for the 0 basis of the basic people is not possible ah. To tell the truth two hours a day is better than two days four hours or three days six hours. I mean, you need a continuous period of time. For a beginner to give you a code for two hours you may not be able to read AH. If you put it down and start again tomorrow, though it may be quicker, you're wasting a lot of time. This industry is often the thing to sit for seven or eight hours in front of a computer.
Say what you're going to learn. Linux is also used in learning. Don't say anything else, you first side Google, Baidu side in their own computer to build lamp, build success in slowly study. If you just want to learn to make a website, Linux does not have to be proficient, it will be used.
Python is easy to learn and hard to finish. This multi-paradigm language is really not suitable for beginners in-depth understanding. In the absence of the basis of the case, the program, object, command, functional style are all too damaged novice three views. If you really want to learn, look for an introductory textbook example to do it all over again. Do not be anxious to learn the Web development, the foundation to practice good again.
Part of the server is just like Linux, it will be ready to be deployed, and then learn slowly in practice.
MySQL, this look at perception and logical thinking. Orders on those, if the site size is small, there is not much to consider. In fact, learn MySQL do not have to buy books, go to w3school the online tutorial to do it again almost. But to use good or to see personal skill. Just like C, grammar is so simple, rote memorization is not much. But Daniel can write the operating system, small white can only be used to count arithmetic. The gap is still on the individual's skill. Since you have no foundation, you don't have to think about it for the time being.
To sum up, first build a good lamp with Linux, then start learning python, when Python can start to develop the web, and then to study MySQL. The tool is used to match the target in order to use its value. Python, you have to do backstage, have the background of the study method; you have to do numerical analysis, there are numerical analysis of the method; you have to do website development, there are web development methods.
To build their own knowledge system, methodology, rather than a stack of tools. However, it is still necessary to persist in learning. Use Python to write a crawler, the data stored in MySQL, and then a broken computer server version of Linux (in fact, with the Raspberry Pi), and then use the framework of Django and then write the site to show your data, not a year, one months can be done only talk about Linux, trilogy:
1. Shell:linux command line and Shell Script Bible is good;
2. Development: Tlpi or Apue choose one of them to finish reading. Personal feeling the former better.
3. Kernel: This is now estimated that there is no match the latest code of the book it ... But the third version of the Linux kernel development should still be available. The rest is only to see the source of their own.
I have been Linux for 5 years, and until today, I do not dare to say that they are ' master '. Good luck. I just want to say, no way just a Linux, how many people after how many years spent a lot of time, until today is still imperfect, and there is such a problem, their total combined may be equivalent to your tens of thousands of or even millions of cycles.

But you, but only want to spend 1 years, and only spend 2 hours a day, but also to learn "Python,mysql, server, Linux" so many things ... Do you want to practise the spelling of these words? Can skillfully use, but you say skilled master, basically impossible to complete one year. Python you do not see the source code can master it? MySQL self-taught words, statements no problem, deployment, distributed environment processing, optimization which requires practical experience, Linux, now have who say they are proficient in my look.

Learn, act, and be stupid.
Many people always ask the way, but not action, or difficult to persist, this sentence is also given to themselves. Study not. Suggest a project with Python+linux+mysql.
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