Using AJAX+J2EE to develop organizational management systems (4)

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ajax|j2ee| Agency management org.jsp files are used to ServerBuilding a bridge between the class running Java and the foreground web page . The interface function of taking to the middleware .

Here, analyze some of the code:

<%@ page contenttype= "text/html; CHARSET=GBK "%>
<%@ page import= "java.sql.*"%>
<%@ page import= "javax.naming.*"%>
<%@ page import= "javax.sql.*"%>
<%@ page import= "tool.*"%>
<%@ page import= "orgnew.*"%>
<%@ page import= "org.w3c.dom.*"%>
The above is mainly referencing some Java classes
Request.setcharacterencoding ("GBK");
Document doc = xmltool.createdocumentfromrequest (request);
Create a Document object for a Web-facing document request
Connection conn = Conntool.getconnectionfrompool ();
Gets the requested method name
String Mode=request.getparameter ("mode");
Read the organization tree data if there are no other parameters in the method
if (mode = = null) {
/* int orgid = Integer.parseint (Request.getparameter ("id"));
String str = orgmanager.getchildorg (ORGID, conn);
Out.println (str);
String str = orgmanager.gettree (conn);
Out.println (str);
Out.println (str);
}else if (mode.equals ("createorg")) {
If it's the Createorg method, create an organization
int parentorgid = Integer.parseint (Request.getparameter ("Parentorgid"));
Take out the first argument passed Parentorgid
int orgid = orgmanager.createorg (PARENTORGID, conn);
Call the Createorg method of the Orgmanager class to create an organization
Out.println (OrgID);
return results
Conn.close ();
catch (Exception e) {
E.printstacktrace ();

   VI. Implementation of background data

1. Definition of data structure

Here, we have three main tables . One is the organization chart, one is People table person, an organization staff association table Orgperson . Organization Chart has orgcode (organization code), OrgName (organization name), ORGID (organization ID), PARENTORGID (parent ID) . Staff table has Personcode (personnel code), PersonName (person name), sex (gender), PERSONID (Person ID) . Orgperson table has OrgID, personId .

2. DatabaseThe connection

Web applications often use MySQL as a background Database, this is because MySQL is simple and efficient . Here we also use MySQL as DatabaseJDBC Connection in Java Database . Here is the connection DatabaseThe code:

public static Connection Getconnectionfrompool () throws Exception {
Context ctx = new InitialContext ();
DataSource ds = (DataSource) ctx.lookup ("Java:/erpds");
return Ds.getconnection ();

* Fetch Database link Object
* @return Connection database linked objects
* @throws Exception
public static Connection Getdirectconnection () throws Exception {
Class.forName ("Com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver");
String url = "Jdbc:sybase:tds:";
String user = "sa";
String password = "2860008";
Connection conn = drivermanager.getconnection (URL, user, password);
Return conn;

3. Implementation of the business logic layer

Background development We use Java classes to implement . Here we have developed a orgnew package, the class name is Orgmanager. This class encapsulates the methods associated with database operations . the correctness of the program can be debugged by main .

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