Using mvc and bootstrap to quickly build responsive personal blog station (i) Practical skills

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1.0 Why do you want to do this blog station?

In the work of learning, often to search for a variety of information, every time to find relevant information will be conveniently added to the browser bookmark, a long time, the bookmark is full. And the next time you click on the bookmark, you may forget why you added the bookmark, and it is more likely that the bookmark connection has been invalidated. In this way, it is not convenient for their own inspection. If reprinted, the collection to own blog Garden account number, CSDN account, cloud Habitat community, know in and so on, still is very messy, not convenient next check.

Therefore, I am determined to develop a personal technology blog station. The main reason is: You can integrate a variety of valuable resources, the knowledge into a treasure house, can be consolidated to strengthen their own "whole stack" base, record the work life problems encountered and solutions; can help users who have the same problem.

2.0 Brief introduction of this personal blog to use the technical points

You can click in first to see. Address is the blog station is based on MVC + EF6.0, with bootstrap responsive layout, so there may be a series of problems such as dislocation when using the browser below IE8. The site is small, but spite: using the MVC architecture, and using spring dependency injection, cloud storage, responsive layout (devices that are almost adaptable to a variety of screen sizes), some miscellaneous CSS, NUnit unit tests, log4net logging, Lucene site retrieval, A wide variety of jquery plug-ins, comment plug-ins, point-praise Plug-ins, paging plug-ins, custom Ueditor editor, but also produced a count can see the logo and icon.

3.0 Blog Station effect display

3.1 Website Architecture

In fact, a blog station does not need to make such a complex, but in order to learn, it also built a simple framework. These include model, Repository, Service, and UI. SiteSearch is the site search module, inject is the Dependency Injection module, common contains the IP capture, intercept the string, send mail, MD5, filter string tools.

3.2 Blog site Home display

3.3 Article details page show

3.4 Side Sidebar Display

3.5 Lenovo Search Module


First of all, briefly introduced here, and then will be a detailed introduction of the site to use the key technical points.

The above is a small set to introduce the use of MVC and Bootstrap rapid response-type personal blog station (i), I hope to help you, if you have any questions please give me a message, small series will promptly reply to everyone. Here also thank you very much for the cloud Habitat Community website support!

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