Using FTP to transfer files between Linux and Windows XP

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I installed Linux with a virtual machine, the real system is Windows XP, under Windows XP with Serv-u software set up an FTP server, and then we can log on to the virtual machine Linux FTP server to download or upload files, The difference is only in Linux is in the command line input related FTP command to complete, should also have like FLASHFXP, cuteftp this kind of Linux special software, but I am ignorant, do not understand, also not fraught.

A brief introduction to Linux under the FTP command:

1, connect the FTP server

Format: FTP hostname or ip-address

A) Enter the machine IP or host name of the server under the Linux command line: FTP

b The server asks you the username and the password, separately enters later, will be authenticated passes. Note: When entering a password, the terminal does not display input, always a blank, so as long as you are sure the input is correct, press ENTER on the line

2, download the file

The download file typically uses the Get and mget two commands, get for a single file, and mget multiple files.

a) Get

Format: Get the file name to be downloaded to save to the local file name

To get d:piclogo.jpg on the server, enter the following command

Get/pic/logo.jpg face.jpg (carriage return)

The file "logo.jpg" on the server is then downloaded to the local machine and renamed to "Face.jpg".

b) mget

Format: mget to download the batch file

To download all files under D:pic on the server, enter the following command


Mget *.* (carriage return)

Note: The downloaded files are saved to the Linux host's current directory. For example, if you run the FTP command under/root/moqingwen, all the files are downloaded to the/root/moqingwen.

3, Upload files

The upload file usually uses the put and mput two commands, putting is used for a single file, Mput is multiple files.

a) put

Format: Put the local file to upload to the file on the server

To upload the local logo.jpg to the server e:pic and rename it to Face.jpg,

Put logo.jpg/pic/face.jpg (Enter)

b) mput

Format: mput The local batch file to upload

To upload all JPG files in the local current directory to the server e:pic,

Cd/rose (carriage return)

Mput *.jpg (carriage return)

Note: The upload files are from the Linux host's current directory. For example, the FTP command that runs under/root/moqingwen, only the files under/root/moqingwen are uploaded to the server.

4. Disconnect the connection

Bye: Interrupts the connection to the server.

Format: Bye (carriage return)

Although it is very simple, but very practical.

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