Using jquery Ajax to implement the two Cascade interactive menu

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        Two cascade interactive menu, using the Ajax implementation of jquery, specifically implemented as follows, like a friend can refer to the following

        Menu resources are saved in the database. Leverages the Ajax implementation of jquery. The packages used are: Json-lib-2.2.3-jdk15.jar ezmorph-1.0.6.jar json.js jquery.js    JSP page code:  code as follows: <%@ page Contenttype= "text/html; CHARSET=GBK "%>  <%@ taglib prefix=" s "uri="/struts-tags "%>  <script type=" Text/javascript "src= "Js/jquery.js" ></script>  <script type= "Text/javascript" src= "Js/json.js" ></script>   <% String basepath = request.getscheme () + "://" + request.getservername () + ":" + request.getserverport () + req Uest.getcontextpath () + "/";  out.println (basepath); %>    <script type= "Text/javascript" >  JQuery (function ($) { //alert ("OK"); });  function Onchangeshow (oneid) {  $.ajax ({   URL: "<%=basepath%>catejson.whbs",  data: {Parentid:oneid},//Parameter   type: "POST",  cache: false,  dataType: "JSON",//back to JSON data   error:function () {  alert (' Error '); },  success:onchangecallback }); }  function onchangecallback (data) {  document.all[' twoId ']. options.length = 0; Empty the original option  var str= "";  for (var i=0;i<data.length;i++) {  str+= "<option value=" "+data[i". Recordid+ "' >" +data[i].title+ "</option>"  }  $ ("#twoId"). HTML (str); }  </script >  <html>  <body>  <div align= "center" >  Please select department type   <s:select list= " Rfones "listkey=" RecordID "listvalue=" title "Name=" Oneid "theme=" simple "id=" Oneid "value=" Oneid "onchange=" Onchangeshow (this.value) "></s:select>    Please select file type   <s:select list=" Rftwos "listkey=" RecordID "listvalue=" title "Name=" Twoid "theme=" simple "id=" twoid "value=" twoid "></s:select>  </div >  </body>  </html>    Struts action code     code as follows:/**  * des: Get two-Level linkage menu & nbsp * autho:exceljava  * Date:nov, 2009  * @return   * @throws ioexception  */  public String getjsoncategory () throws ioexception{  rfjsons= Archiveservice.getcategorybyparentid (ParentID)//Here get data from database   Net.sf.json.JSONArray jsonobj= Net.sf.json.JSONArray.fromObject (rfjsons)//assembled into JSON data   SendMessage (jsonobj.tostring ());//push JSON data to view   Return null; } /**  * des: Encapsulates data sent in JSON format back to js  * autho:exceljava  * Date:nov 2009  * @param content  * @throws ioexception  */  public void SendMessage (String content) throws Bsp HttpServletResponse response = Servletactioncontext.getresponse ();  response.setcharacterencoding ("UTF-8");   Response.getwriter (). Write (content);   }   
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