Using Mongoose to manipulate MongoDB in Bae

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Using Mongoose to manipulate MongoDB in Bae

Almost all of the examples on the web using mongoose are long-connected, because the relationship between the Nodejs itself mechanism, the use of long connections to some extent will improve performance, but Bae's free MongoDB does not support long links, many people have tried before, such as the disconnection after the catch error, And then automatically reconnect the way, now it is not very successful, so it is a good way to use the short link to do it, where a connection to open and close the hosting.


' Use strict '; var mongoose = require (' Mongoose '); var util = require ("util"); function Mongoosekeeper () {this.db = Mongoo    Se.createconnection (); This.open_count = 0;}        MongooseKeeper.prototype.config = function (conf) {//body ... var options = {db: {native_parser:true},    Server: {poolsize:4}};    var constr = "";    if (Process.env.MONGO_DB_STR) {constr = Process.env.MONGO_DB_STR; } else{//' mongodb://user:[email protected]:p ort/database ' constr = Util.format (' Mongodb://%s:%[emai    l protected]%s:%d/%s ', conf.userid,conf.password,,conf.port,conf.database);    } This.dburi = Constr; this.options = options;} =function () {this.open_count++; if (this.open_count ==1 && this.db.readyState = = 0) { (this.dburi,this.options,functi        On () {//Body ... console.log ("DB opened");    }); }}mongoosekeeper.prOtotype.close =function () {this.open_count--;        if (This.open_count = = 0) {this.db.close (function () {Console.log ("db closed");    });    }}mongoosekeeper.prototype.use = function (action,callback) {//open var self = this; (); (Null,function () {//close Console.log ("The number of database requests being accessed" +self.open_count);        Self.close ();        Callback.apply (null, arguments);    Done self =null; })};exports = Module.exports = new Mongoosekeeper ();

First, when the application is started, such as in App.js, configure the data connection and other information

Reference Mongoosekeepervar Mongoosekeeper =  require ('./lib/mongoosekeeper ');
"//Call Update configuration, here the configuration can read a jsonmongoosekeeper.config ({    " host ":" ",    " database ":" dbname ",    " UserID ":" userid ","    password ":" 123456 ",    " port ": 27017});

Define Model

When you call model, mongoosekeeper.use you can use the method to wrap the actual call

var Express        = require (' Express '),    router         = Express. Router (),    mongoosekeeper =  require ('.. /lib/mongoosekeeper '),    articlemodel   =  require ('.. /models/articlemodel ');/* GET home page. */router.get ('/', function (req, res) {    mongoosekeeper.use (queryarticle,function (err,list) {        if (err) {            throw err;        }        else{            res.render (' index ', {data:list});});    The/proxy parameter is the second parameter of Mongoosekeeper.use, function queryarticle (proxy) {    var search = {};//Get all articles    var query = Articlemodel.find (search). Limit (+);     Query.sort ('-create_date ');    Query.exec (proxy);} Module.exports = router;

Full code

Using Mongoose to manipulate MongoDB in Bae

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