Various folder name interpretations for Linux (FHS)

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For contact and have been exposed to a period of time the Linux users, the system of the various folder name is very confusing, what etc,usr,var, and so on, most of it is also a general concept, such as USR is to store their own compiled installation software, etc is a configuration file. But in fact, a name called FHS (file system directory standard) has long defined these things for us, each directory and hierarchy (namespace) purposes and rules are also detailed definition. Most Linux distributions also follow this standard to organize system files.

The directory name usually contains three parts, the scope, category, and application (application).

For example,/usr/local/share/vim stored the application vim data, here/usr/local is the category,/share is the classification, VIM is the application

Category (Scope):

Describe the architecture of the entire directory from a more abstract perspective.

#/                     /usr                /usr/games/usr/local        /usr/x11 X Window System files             

Note:/and/usr do not have a clear distinction, just an abstract description/than/USR closer to the system.

Category (category):

Used to describe file types and functions under folders

# bin                  executable binary or script # sbin                Super                   user use executable binary or script # libman                 Manual for Man to view # share              Specific program files, such as example # etc                  program configuration file # src                  program source # Dev                 system device file # var                  system Runtime will change the file # run                  logger process PID File # Spool               

Program (application):

This is not much to say, generally is the program with its own name-named folder. (in general, the directory can have different categories of folders, like namespaces)



Books: Linux pocket Book oreilly published, Daniel J. Barrett

Various folder name interpretations for Linux (FHS)

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