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The PHP library provides developers with a standard interface that helps developers make full use of object-oriented programming in PHP. These libraries provide a standard API for specific types of built-in functions, allowing classes to interact seamlessly with the PHP engine. In addition, developers can use these class libraries to provide developers with a simple PHP library with a standard interface, which helps developers make full use of object-oriented programming in PHP. These libraries provide a standard API for specific types of built-in functions, allowing classes to interact seamlessly with the PHP engine. In addition, developers can use these class libraries to simplify workflows and improve productivity.

Let's take a look at these very practical and free class libraries. I hope they will help you.

1. Requests

Requests is an HTTP library written in PHP. it complies with the ISC open-source protocol and is hosted on GitHub. Requests replaces all tasks other than Python HTTP/1.1, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with Web services.

Requests provides consistent APIs and uses cURL or fsockopen (depending on availability). It also simplifies request sending, objects that contain headers, GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, or patches, and add headers, form data, and multiple parts. Secondly, this library is also applicable to international domain names, identity authentication, and automatic compression of gzip compression responses. In summary, we can see that Requests is a very useful and friendly tag for hosting HTTP Requests.

2. Munee

Munee is a set of picture size adjustment, CSS-JS merge/compression, cache and other functions in a PHP library. Resources can be cached on the server and client. It integrates the PHP image operation Library Imagine to adjust and cut the image size and then cache the image.

Munee can automatically compile LESS, SCSS and CoffeeScript, and can combine CSS + JS files into a single request, in addition to these CSS-JS files can also be reduced, to provide better performance. This library can also be easily integrated with any code.

3. Ratchet

Ratchet is a PHP library and WebSockets toolkit. developers can use it to build real-time and bidirectional App applications between the client and the server, in addition, you can quickly and easily build event-driven applications (rather than traditional HTTP request/response applications ).

4. Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer is a PHP mail library with rich functions and does not rely on the mail () function provided by PHP, because this function occupies a high amount of system resources when sending multiple emails. Swift directly communicates with the SMTP server, which has a very high sending speed and efficiency.

5. Unirest

Unirest is a lightweight HTTP development library that can be used in PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Objective-C, and other development languages. The GET, POST, PUT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations are supported. the call methods and returned results are the same for all development languages.

6. Detector

Detector is an open-source PHP class library used to detect the user's browser environment. It can obtain the browser usage and HTML5 CSS3 functions of the browser, and analyze whether it is a mobile, tablet, desktop or web crawler and other items, such: color depth, video size, Cookie, etc. This library uses a single user proxy string for each browser user to automatically adapt to new browsers, versions, and devices.

7. PHP Thumb

PHP Thumb is a PHP class used to generate image thumbnails. Only a few lines of code are required. Multiple image sources are supported, including file systems and databases. most image formats are supported. It can also rotate, cut, and add watermarks to images. You can customize the quality of thumbnails and provide built-in cache to reduce server load.

8. Zebra Image

Zebra Image is an open-source lightweight Image processing library and an object-oriented library. it only requires PHP GD2 extension and supports scaling, cropping, rotating, and flip operations. Images can be used in. jpg,. gif,. png, and other formats.

9. Hybrid Auth

HybridAuth is an open-source PHP class library used to provide verification functions through Weibo/social networking websites and IDs for synchronous website login. It can be easily integrated with existing websites. you only need to reference a file and add several lines of code to log on. Once verified, HybridAuth provides standardized information for connecting users. In addition to the verification function, this class library allows us to interact with the social API client connected to the user.

10. Gantt Charts

Gantti is an open-source PHP class that helps you generate Gantt charts instantly. Creating charts with Gantti is a pure HTML5-CSS3 without using JavaScript. By default, the chart output is very beautiful, but you can customize the style for output (SASS style sheet ).

11. Mobile Detect

Mobile Detect is a PHP class that uses User-Agent to Detect various Mobile phone devices and HTTP headers. The most powerful part of this class library is that it has a very complete library that can detect the device types used (including Operation types and mobile phone brands) and browser details.

12. ImageWorkshop

As the name suggests, ImageWorkshop is a PHP class library for image management and operation. This class has the logic similar to image editing software: layer-based concept, you can add multiple layers or layers (different control options for each layer ). It also supports many functions, such as watermarking, cropping, moving, scaling, rotating, and superposition.

13. JqmPhp

JqmPhp is an open-source PHP class library designed to simplify jQuery and PHP for Mobile development and generate HTML files required to use the jQuery Mobile framework. The file of this class library is independent, so you can choose to use it as needed.

14. PHP Image Cache

Image Cache is a lightweight PHP class that allows you to compress, move, and Cache images in your browser. This class provides some simple settings such as directory and root path URL, and then calls the compression function for each image.

15. Imagine

Imagine is an object-oriented PHP class library for image operations. This class library can process some frequently used operations such as scaling, cropping, and application filtering. The Color class library can be used to generate RGB values for any specific Color. It also provides some methods to draw images, such as arc, elliptical, line, and film.

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