[Video] compile a Snake Game within half an hour

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Outline of snake writing


ThanksRonnie MooneyAfter learning his video, you can find the video in [C #] Creating a Snake Game-Less than an Hour, please bring your own ladder ).

  • WriteInputStatic class

    • Initialize static variablesprivate static readonly Hashtable _keys = new Hashtable()
    • Writing Methodpublic static void ChangeState(Keys key, bool state)
    • Writing Methodpublic static bool Pressed(Keys key)
  • WriteSnakePartClass

    This class has only two variables.XAndYAnd a constructor, the role of the constructor isXAndYAssign values.

  • WriteDirectionEnumeration

  • WriteSnakeFormForm

    • AddPictureBoxControl, namedpbCanvasAnd set the size to 320*240, and the background colorLightSkyBlue
    • Resize a form
    • AddSnakeForm_KeyDownAndSnakeForm_KeyUpEvent
    • AddpbCanvas_PaintEvent. The event processing function is called.draw()
    • Add_scoreVariable
    • Add_gameoverVariable
    • Add_directionVariable
    • Add_snakeList Variables
    • Add_foodVariable
    • Add_gameLoopVariable
    • Add_snakeLoopVariable
    • Add_snakeRateVariable
    • Initialize each variable and set the callback method and callback interval of the timer variable (GameLoop: 1000/60,And start the timer to callstartGame
    • Writing MethodstartGame()
      • Reset variable
      • InstantiationheadAnd add_snake
      • CallgenerateFood
    • WritegenerateFood()
      • Generate a randomSnakePartAnd assigned_foodTo ensure that the newly generated_foodNot a snake
    • Writing Methodgameover()
      • Set_gameoverSettrue
    • Writing Methoddraw()
    • Writing MethodupdateGame()
    • Writing MethodupdateSnake()

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