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The *java language, as the first language to support internationalization, has the essential characteristics of international internationalization from the outset in other languages:
* Write all strings in Unicode. But theory and practice can never be completely collusion, because Unicode itself is changing.
* in J2SE (TM) 5.0, the main change is the Java.lang,java.text, Java.util.regex and other packages to adjust, so that the whole word
* Character processing is based on Unicode4.0 standards, while enhancing support for additional characters (for more information please refer to:
* "Supplementary Characters in the Javaplatform" by Norbert Lindenberg and Masayoshi
*okutsu,). In addition, these adjustments have comprehensively solved the problem of reading and writing and displaying in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, although there is no
* After a wide range of testing. To view the languages supported by Java and the corresponding version information, you can query using the following code.

Copy Code code as follows:

Import java.util.*;
Import java.text.*;
public class test{
public static void Main (string[] args) {

Output the language supported by the JVM
Locale locale[] = Dateformat.getavailablelocales ();
System.out.println ("= = = Local System support language: ========");
for (int i = 0; i < locale.length; i++) {
System.out.println (locale[i].tostring () +
"T" +locale[i].getdisplayname ());

Output JVM Default Properties
System.out.println ("= = = = System attribute ========");
System.getproperties (). List (System.out);

Run Result:

C:\java>java Test
= = = = = = Local System support Language: ========
Ar Arabic
Ar_ae Arabic (United Arab Emirates)
AR_BH Arabic (Bahrain)
Ar_dz Arabic (Algeria)
Ar_eg Arabic (Egypt)
Ar_iq Arabic (Iraq)
Ar_jo Arabic (Jordan)
AR_KW Arabic (Kuwait)
AR_LB Arabic (Lebanon)
Ar_ly Arabic (Libya)
Ar_ma Arabic (Morocco)
Ar_om Arabic (Oman)
Ar_qa Arabic (Qatar)
Ar_sa Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
AR_SD Arabic (Sudan)
Ar_sy Arabic (Syria)
Ar_tn Arabic (Tunisia)
Ar_ye Arabic (Yemen)
hi_in Hindi (India)
IW Hebrew
Iw_il Hebrew (Israel)
JA Japanese
JA_JP Japanese (Japan)
Ko Hangul
KO_KR Korean (South Korea)
Th Thai
th_th Swahili (Thailand)
th_th_th Swahili (Thailand, TH)
VI Vietnamese text
VI_VN Vietnamese (Vietnam)
En Chinese
ZH_CN Chinese (China)
ZH_HK Chinese (Hong Kong)
ZH_TW Chinese (Taiwan)
Be Belarusian text
Be_by Belarusian (Belarus)
BG Bulgarian
BG_BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
CA Catalan
Ca_es Catalan (Spain)
CS Czech
Cs_cz Czech (Czech Republic)
Da Danish
DA_DK Danish (Denmark)
De Devon
De_at German (Austria)
De_ch German (Switzerland)
De_de German (Germany)
De_lu German (Luxembourg)
El Greek
El_gr Greek (Greece)
En_au English (Australia)
En_ca English (Canada)
EN_GB English (UK)
En_ie English (Ireland)
en_in English (India)
EN_NZ English (New Zealand)
En_za English (South Africa)
Es Spanish
Es_ar Spanish (Argentina)
ES_BO Spanish (Bolivia)
ES_CL Spanish (Chile)
Es_co Spanish (Colombia)
ES_CR Spanish (Costa Rica)
Es_do Spanish (Domincan Rep.)
ES_EC Spanish (Ecuador)
Es_es Spanish (Spain)
ES_GT Spanish (Guatemala)
ES_HN Spanish (Honduras)
ES_MX Spanish (Mexico)
Es_ni Spanish (Nicaragua)
ES_PA Spanish (Panama)
ES_PE Spanish (Peru)
ES_PR Spanish (Puerto Rico)
Es_py Spanish (Paraguay)
ES_SV Spanish (El Salvador)
Es_uy Spanish (Uruguay)
Es_ve Spanish (Venezuela)
ET Estonian text
Et_ee Estonian (Estonia)
Fi Finnish
Fi_fi Finnish (Finland)
Fr French
Fr_be French (Belgium)
Fr_ca French (Canada)
Fr_ch French (Switzerland)
FR_FR French (France)
Fr_lu French (Luxembourg)
HR Croatian
Hr_hr Croatian (Croatia)
Hu Haitian Creole
Hu_hu Hungarian (Hungary)
Is Icelandic
Is_is Icelandic (Iceland)
It Italian
It_ch Italian (Switzerland)
IT_IT Italian (Italy)
Lt Lithuanian text
Lt_lt Lithuanian (Lithuania)
LV Latvian (Lieto)
Lv_lv Latvian (Lieto) (Latvia)
MK Macedonian
MK_MK Macedonian (The Kingdom of Macedonia)
NL Dutch
Nl_be Netherlands (Belgium)
NL_NL Dutch (Netherlands)
No Norwegian text
No_no Norwegian (Norway)
No_no_ny Norwegian (Norway, Nynorsk)
PL polish
PL_PL Polish (Poland)
PT Portuguese
PT_BR Portuguese (Brazil)
PT_PT Portuguese (Portugal)
Ro Romanian
Ro_ro Romanian (Romania)
RU Russian
Ru_ru Russian (Russia)
SK Slovak
Sk_sk Slovak (Slovakia)
SL Slovenian
Sl_si Slovenian (Slovenia)
Sq Albanian
Sq_al Albanian (Albania)
SV Swedish
Sv_se Swedish (Sweden)
TR Turkish
TR_TR Turkish (Turkey)
UK Ukrainian language
Uk_ua Ukrainian (Ukraine)
en_US English (USA)
En English
= = = = = = = = System attribute ========
--Listing properties-- (TM) 2 runtime environment, stand ...
Sun.boot.library.path=c:\program Files\java\jre1.5.0\bin
Java.vm.vendor=sun Microsystems Inc.
path.separator=; HotSpot (TM) Client VM
Sun.os.patch.level=service Pack 1 Virtual Machine Specification
Java.endorsed.dirs=c:\program files\java\jre1.5.0\lib\en ...

Java.vm.specification.vendor=sun Microsystems Inc.
User.variant= XP
Java.library.path=c:\windows\system32;.; C:\WINDOWS\Syst ... Platform API Specification
java.class.version=49.0 Client Compiler
User.home=c:\documents and Settings\owner.legen ...
Java.home=c:\program files\java\jre1.5.0
Java.specification.vendor=sun Microsystems Inc.
User.language=zh mode, sharing
Java.ext.dirs=c:\program Files\java\jre1.5.0\lib\ext
Sun.boot.class.path=c:\program Files\java\jre1.5.0\lib\rt ...
Java.vendor=sun Microsystems Inc.
Java.vendor.url.bug= ...


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