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Install XP system with Oracle company VM----XP is easier to install ... Linux system installation is really troublesome anyway Oracle is the native test use so it doesn't matter.

XP system is best to download the official version of the installation. The Ghost system VM will jam when it needs to be forced off, or it may be possible to have several versions that have not been thoroughly tested

Installation is the installation process of XP oracle11g client installation There's not much to talk about. Network above a lot of

Let me introduce my method.

---install Oracle--

1. Heavy official Download Zip Two packages Note two unpack packages need to be extracted together into a directory is also the default database directory will be missing file installation error

2, using UltraISO, will extract the database file into the ISO window, and then save to a new ISO file inside.

3, Virtual machine VM start,, click Device-〉 Distribution CD-ROM-〉choose a virtral CD/DVD disk File

4, the Oracle database just produced by loading the ISO, to achieve installation

There are also some ways to share files on the internet I've seen one or two of them set up shared folders, not often, so it's not so much trouble.

--Installation completed--

Test the database monitor this kind of launch generally this is not a problem

Finally, the local access to the virtual machine Oracle--(My network environment is in the school Rui Jie General Other network is also OK, no test. Oh

Modify the network configuration of the VM control-〉 set-〉 network-〉 connection mode to bridged Adapter changed to bridge, so you can take the virtual machine as a host on the network

Promiscuous Mode changed to allow all

This time open run cmd-〉 after is ipconfig view native IP (NET will automatically assign an IP to you)

Open the Net Manager open listening, and modify the listening address is the host to change the address to your IP save, and then restart the monitor (important)

Oracle client can be installed on this machine, choose the first option (117M) as a simple connection, and Oracle is also easy to modify in my virtual machine.

After that, the machine should be connected.

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