Vistual Studio2015 install and configure ReSharper, vistualstudio2017

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Vistual Studio2015 install and configure ReSharper, vistualstudio2017

In view of the previous learning of Java, I have been using the almost god-class development software IDEA when I was learning Java. Out of the worship of IDEA, after I moved to the C # Big camp, we know that JetBrains also has corresponding Vs plug-ins,

The Resharper (Code Generation Tool) is installed ),

Here we summarize the steps for installing ReSharper in Vs2015:

1. You must first install Visual Studio 2015.

2. Download JetBrains. ReSharper Ultimate.2017.1.3

Link: password: ko4r

3. Download ReSharper registration Machine

Link: password: c3x2

4. After downloading the registration machine, you must first open the registration machine every time you use ReSharper, which is very troublesome. Therefore, we recommend that you install the registration machine as a Windows Service so that you do not have to start the registration machine every time.

Set the registration machine to service, link: password: eis8

The procedure is as follows:

1. Install Visual Studio 2015 first.

Ii. ReSharper installation process 1


Figure 1

During the first installation, the red mark should be "Install", and the following Available Products do not need to be selected. Check I have read and accept the license agreement and Install it, the installation procedure is the same as that of the general installer. Just click next.

3. After the installation is complete, you should enable VS to see that there is a Reshaper menu bar in the menu bar, 2


Figure 2

4. Install the downloaded registration machine into a Windows service. This process is cumbersome.

1. decompress the zip package of the registration machine to drive D. It is best to change the folder name to a short one. It is best not to have Chinese characters or special symbols. For example, you can rename it as idea, 3


Figure 3

2. decompress the files in the compressed package of the downloaded service to any disk. You can put the files in the idea folder in the previous step. 4. Start Win + R in command line mode, Enter cmd, enter the location of step 2 in the command line, for example, under D:/idea, 5


Figure 4


Install instsrv ServiceName D: \ idea \ srvany.exe uninstall instsrv ServiceName remove
Here, ServiceName is the name of the service you want to set. You can define it at will. I define the path following idea as the storage path of srvany.


Figure 5

After the installation is complete, the command line prompts that the installation is successful. Next, Win + R -- run, enter regedit to open the registry, and locate the installed Service, 6, or enable HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SYSTEM-> CurrentControlSet-> services, 6



Figure 6

Find the previously installed Service name in services, such as idea, 7, right-click idea to create a Key, name it Parameters, double-click Parameters, and right-click on the right to create two string values, name Application and APPLocation respectively, right-click the corresponding string value, modify, and save the Registrar path

In the corresponding value data, 8. Save the data.


Figure 7

Figure 8

3. return to Vs, open the ReSharper drop-down menu, select Help-> License Information, 9, open the activate ReSharper window, and click the + icon in the red box in figure 10, open the window shown in 11 and enter the local server address: http: // 1017 In the Servcer address. Then, click Add in the black selection box (note: after the server address is entered, a Connection error occurs. Ignore the Connection error ),

Click Close in the lower right corner to Close the dialog box and return to the figure 10 page.


Figure 9


Figure 10

Figure 11

4. In the drop-down box at the bottom of figure 10, select the server created in the previous step

Figure 12


If you see Floating ticket obtained from http: // 1017, the activation is successful. If you do not see it, you can click the option in the red selection box in 13, click the next button.


Figure 13

Now that the ReSharper plug-in has been installed in Vistual Studio2015, You can explore the powerful functions of ReSharper. Due to work relations, I have not sorted out the usage of ReSharper,

For more information about ReSharper usage, refer to restore.

This work is licensed using the "knowledge sharing" signature 2.5 mainland China license agreement. Welcome to reprint, deduction or for commercial purposes, but must retain the signature of this article (including links ).

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