Vmwarevm cloning and vmwarevm cloning

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Vmwarevm cloning and vmwarevm cloning

Multiple virtual machines are required for testing during development. The re-installation process is too cumbersome. The same system can be quickly cloned using the software provided by vmwarevm. The following describes how to clone a vmwarevm. My VMware version is 11.0.0.

1. Select a virtual machine that has been installed under my computer node on the left side of the Vmware Workstation main panel, my own is the Hadoop-Senior02

2. On the Hadoop-Senior02 virtual machine, right-click the menu to choose, manage-> clone, click Clone

3. continue to the next step until the clone type panel appears. Select create complete clone and click Next.

4. Define the name and location of the VM, and create a folder to store the VM. Click Finish.

5. the VM prompts that the cloning is in progress. After the cloning is complete, click Close.

6. Right-click the newly created virtual machine Hadoop-Senior01 and choose settings

7. On the VM settings panel, set the memory to the appropriate value. Here I am 1 GB

8. On the VM settings panel, select the network adapter and click Advanced.

9. Click Generate MAC address on the Advanced Settings Panel of the network adapter that appears, and click Until the VM settings panel is exited. This is the completion of VM cloning. Because the Hadoop-Senior01 comes from a cloned Hadoop-Senior02, the MAC addresses displayed here are the same, and this is problematic and must be regenerated


10. Start the VM and configure the NIC in the command line. click the following link to configure the NIC.

Linux Nic settings

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