Wang Jialin's "cloud computing, distributed big data, hadoop, hands-on approach-from scratch" fifth lecture hadoop graphic training course: solving the problem of building a typical hadoop distributed Cluster Environment

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Wang Jialin's in-depth case-driven practice of cloud computing distributed Big Data hadoop in July 6-7 in Shanghai Wang Jialin Lecture 4HadoopGraphic and text training course: Build a true practiceHadoopDistributed Cluster EnvironmentHadoopThe specific solution steps are as follows:

Step 1: QueryHadoopTo see the cause of the error;

Step 2: Stop the cluster;

Step 3: Solve the Problem Based on the reasons indicated in the log. We need to clear the problem here.Hadoop. MainMachineHadoopUnder the root directoryHDFSUnderDataFile;

Step 4: Start the cluster again;

Step 5: EnterHadoop. MainOfHDFSOfWebMonitoring page

Step 6: The problem is solved successfully. If the problem fails, repeat it.Step 1 ~ Step 5 tillSuccessful.


The 14-page pdf version is used to build a real hadoop distributed cluster environment.Here.



Wang Jialin's complete directory of "cloud computing distributed Big Data hadoop hands-on path"



Wang Jialin summarized his research and practices on hadoop over the past few years, and continuously went deep into the cloud through hands-on practices. Even if it was a practical technology, everyone could learn and benefit from it.


This tutorial is based on Wang Jialin's years of practical research and practice on cloud computing. All the free textbooks are as follows::Cloud computing distributed Big Data hadoop hands-on path (three books in total ):


1. Wang Jialin's "Master road to cloud computing distributed Big Data hadoop practice-from scratch" guides you through easy-to-use hadoop and handles the daily programming work of hadoop engineers, enter the beautiful world of cloud computing and big data.


2. Wang Jialin's "cloud computing, distributed big data, hadoop hands-on approach-master's rise" has taken you directly to the hadoop master realm through hands-on operations on several cases and hadoop advanced topics.


3, wang Jialin's "cloud computing, distributed big data, hadoop hands-on-hand master" helps you reach the top of the master through the mainstream hadoop commercial use methods and the most successful hadoop large cases, from here, we can see all the small mountains.


These tutorials will be gradually released every day over the course of practice. You need more support!




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Hadoop discussion QQ: 312494188


Weixin: wangjialinandroid


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