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Ajax Now the browser-side is centered on JavaScript, and technology based on a variety of WEB standards (i.e., standardized xhtml/css/dom/xml/xslt and ongoing standardization of XMLHttpRequest) is accelerating consolidation, Ajax is a general designation of this series of technologies.
Although the network has a large number of related resources, but in order to lay a good foundation, it is necessary to read a few books carefully. Fortunately, Ajax is not a new technology, it is only the development and value-added of traditional technology, is for these web-based standards of traditional technology repackaging, make it more suitable for enterprise applications, and server-side integration more closely. Therefore, learning Ajax, first of all, from the in-depth study of these traditional technologies began.
I make a list of some of the books I have read and provide you with references:
1. XHTML Tutorial (XHTML)
Author: Chelsea Valentine, Chris Minnick
New Riders original, Chinese version of People's Post and telecommunications press
Yes, the best thing you should learn today is XHTML, not HTML. HTML 4.x is already a deprecated standard, and today's standard is XHTML 1.0. XHTML 1.0 is not the latest version of XHTML, but it is the only XHTML version that is currently widely supported and only usable by browsers.

2, JavaScript Authority Guide Fourth edition ( JavaScript: The Definitive Guide)
Author: David Flanagan
O ' Reilly original, Chinese Power Press Chinese version
JavaScript enthusiasts call it a "rhino book" because O ' Reilly has a rhino as the cover of the book. This is the most in-depth and authoritative introductory book in the current JavaScript field. The difference with other JavaScript-related books is that more than half of the book focuses on the basics of the JavaScript language itself, rather than doing WEB development with the basics and HTML like other books (which tend to be more detailed, Making it easy to go beyond 1000 pages, such as the JavaScript Bible, is mixed together. For beginners who are just starting to learn JavaScript, this book is undoubtedly the best primer.

3, XML advanced Programming (Professional XML)
Didier Martin, wait.
Wrox Original, Machinery industry press Chinese version
This book is a very detailed work on XML development technology. Although because the author is numerous (first edition 12 person, second edition seems to have a few more), cannot get rid of Wrox Red Book series of a hodgepodge of marks, but this book can be said that the Red Book series of Rare Boutique.
This book can be used as a reference to XML technology, although it is very thick, but there is no need to read it all from beginning to end. Ajax-related content includes XML DOM, XSLT, and so on.

4. Website reconfiguration (designing with web standards)
Author: Jeffrey Zeldman
New Riders Original, Chinese edition of Electronic Industry Press
This book describes in detail how to abandon the ancient times (as I understand it, 3 years ago) does not conform to the standard, specifically for a browser (more than 90% of the case is IE) to do the development of the abuse, really in line with the standard way to do development, and ultimately go backward compatibility (note: Not with the browser can not fully support the previous The Web-standard version is compatible, but is compatible with a later version of the browser, on the flat road. This book is not a CSS monograph, but it fully demonstrates some of the advanced techniques of using CSS. In particular, the last chapter shows a complete layout based on CSS, discard the use of table layout of the old method of concrete practice.
It is very regrettable that the Chinese version of the book is very bad, if you do not control the original, it is easy to go astray. Anyone who has any questions about reading this book can contact me directly.

Listed above are books related to the technology involved in Ajax. I don't have a list of CSS books because I didn't read a monograph on CSS. The attachment is a very wide web of CSS 2.0 Chinese manual, can be used as a reference in this regard.
Having read these books, you have laid a solid foundation for technical aspects, and you need to have a regular discussion site, and Ajax China is undoubtedly the most rewarding place for you.

Next I'll list a few books that have no direct relevance to technology.

5. Use-Oriented Software design (Software for uses)
Author: Larry Contantine, Lucy Lockwood
ACM Press Original, Machinery Industry publishing house Chinese version
Most of the software is for people to use. In my speech on BEA User Group, I said that the main reason why Ajax is becoming more and more popular is that it gives users a better interaction experience than traditional HTML FORM based interaction patterns, which means Ajax can achieve better Web usability (web usability, This is a specialized field of study abroad at present, which is the greatest value of Ajax. The usability of software is always a big topic, "The Software design for use" is the most authoritative monograph in this respect. As long as we are doing software development that is used directly by end users (with a visual interface), improving usability is the goal we need to pursue diligently.

6, the Software Innovation Road (inmates Are Running the Asylum)
Author: Alan Cooper
Sams Publishing Original, Chinese edition of Electronic industry publishing house
7, About Face 2.0
Author: Alan Cooper
John Wiley & Sons Original, Electronic industry publishes Chinese edition
Both of these books are the masterpieces of Alan Cooper, an interactive design guru, and many friends know Alan Cooper's name, which is a must-read for interactive design enthusiasts.<

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