Weave Dream Label parsing, do not know what the meaning of the label can come in and see www.vpincha.cc

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Tag name: arclist
Tags introduction: Dream common tags, also known as free list tags, where imglist, Imginfolist, Specart, Coolart, and autolist are the alias tags that are extended by the different attributes defined by the tag.
Feature Description: Get a list of specified documents
Scope of application: global use
Basic syntax:
{dede:arclist flag= ' h ' typeid= ' row= "col=" titlelen= "infolen=" "imgwidth=" "imgheight=" "listtype=" key word= ' limit= ' 0,1 '}
<a href= ' [field:arcurl/] ' >[field:title/]</a>
Parameter description:
Col= ' How many columns are displayed (default is a single column), this property can be displayed in several ways in version 5.3
If col= ' 1 ' is displayed for multiple columns, the available DIV+CSS implementations
The following is an example of a multi-column implementation via DIV+CSS:
<style type=text/css>
{dede:arclist row= ' titlelen= ' orderby= ' pubdate ' idlist= ' col= ' 2 '}
? [field:textlink/] ([Field:pubdate function=mydate (' m-d ', @me)/]) <br/>
When col>1 will be displayed using the original table multi-column method
row= ' 10 ' returns the total number of document lists
typeid= ' column ID, in the list template and file template generally do not need to specify, in the homepage template allows the "," separate representation of multiple columns;
Getall= ' 1 ' does not specify this attribute in the case, in the column page, the article page template, will not get to "," separate the sub-categories of multiple columns
Titlelen = ' 30 ' title length equivalent to Titlelength
Infolen= ' 160 ' indicates that the description length is equivalent to Infolength
Imgwidth= ' 120 ' thumbnail width
imgheight= ' 90 ' thumbnail height
Listtype= ' All ' column type image contains thumbnails commend recommended
orderby= ' Sortrank ' document sorting method
§orderby= ' hot ' or orderby= ' click ' means by number of clicks
§orderby= ' Sortrank ' or orderby= ' pubdate ' sorted by publication time
§orderby= ' near '
§orderby== ' Lastpost ' by last review time
§orderby== ' scores ' ranked by score
§orderby= ' id ' sorted by article ID
§orderby= ' Rand ' randomly obtains a list of documents for the specified condition
Keyword= ' A list of documents with the specified keywords, multiple keywords with ', ' points
innertext = ' Single record style
Aid= ' Specify Document ID
Idlist = ' Extract specific document (document ID)
Channelid Channel ID
limit= ' Start ID, number of records ' (starting ID starting from 0) indicates a limited range of records (e.g. limit= ' 1 "means starting with a record with ID of 2
Flag = ' h ' custom attribute value: Headline [h] recommended [c] picture [p] slide [f] scroll [s] jump [j] graphic [a] bold [b]
Noflag = "with flag, but here is a representation that does not contain these attributes
orderway= ' desc ' value is DESC or ASC, specifying whether the sort is descending or a forward sort, the default is descending
Subday= ' Days ' indicates the number of days within which the document



Weave Dream Label parsing, do not know what the meaning of the label can come in and see www.vpincha.cc

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