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Web application firewall (WAF), translated as web application firewall, is mainly used to block attacks against WEB applications. Su baozi talked about his thoughts on WAF. You are welcome to make bricks and supplement them.

1. Necessity

Practical Application: enhances awareness of the security status of WEB apps, controls web APP risks to a certain extent, and makes up for technical and implementation shortcomings of Code-level security defense.

Sound System: controlling web app risks in the implement phase of SDL is one of the good start points for implementing SDL with a budget. With the WAF report, the boss can see external threats and defense effects to push forward SDL.

Compliance with regulations: PCI has clear requirements on WAF, and can also meet requirements of other regulations, such as SOX to ensure the authenticity and reliability of Fund-related data.

2. Defects and potential problems

When implementing a security measure to avoid risks, we sometimes introduce other problems. This is something we need to pay close attention to before implementing the project. Below are some examples

Introducing single point of failure:

No matter how it is deployed, as long as it can be intercepted, it is a single point, either dual-host, or has a soft and soft bypass function.

False positive:

Like any security product, this is a vicious circle once there are a large number of false positives and there is no solution. Solving false positives is critical. By standardizing the internal encoding habits, whitelist, and gray list mechanisms, You can effectively suppress false positives. For example, if an IP address is attacked once, it is put into the gray list and blocked and warned only after multiple attacks. Of course, the vendor has thought a lot of ways to avoid false positives. In the end, it is still necessary to test the application to determine whether the alarm is effective.


WAF can certainly be bypassed. After decoding the basic encoding, the rest is the experience of the user and the hacker. Of course, if the vendor has sufficient bypassing experience and implements defense measures to deliver them to the user, it is best.


One of the reasons why Internet companies do not need WAF is performance problems. I don't want to go into details.

3. Products


Free modsecurity and iisscan

There is an old EEYE WEB SECURITY

New talent zeus web application firewall


Domestic: Look here html "> http://www.youxia.org/2010/03/china-waf.html

Foreign: Look here http://baoz.net/web-application-firewall-list/

4. Key Points of Selection

Flexible deployment, preferably bridging.

Support Software and Hardware bypass; otherwise, the hacker will suffer.

Supports black/white lists and gray list modes. Refined to the domain name and URL, the source IP address black and white list.

Can have TOP 10 reports.

Further improvement.

If you have any WAF that meets your needs, please recommend it. Thank you.

Drag the picture of the Web Ranger over http://www.youxia.org/2009/04/WEB-Security-Analyst-YouXia.html

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