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1, Mario (game address: http://jsmario.com.ar/)

Legendary Mario Web version, 1:1 to achieve the red and white machine era Super Mario all functions and checkpoints, the level of precision is not inferior to the original game.
Dependent libraries: None

2 , Bunny Hunt (game address: http://www.themaninblue.com/experiment/BunnyHunt/)

Rabbit Hunting, a simple game of web hunting games, not using a Third-party support library, directly using CSS and javassript implementation.

Dependent libraries: None

3 , Bomberman ( game address: http://www.e-forum.ro/bomberman/dynagame.html )

Bomber, classic to the top of the table game, through JavaScript to get a perfect reappearance.

Dependent libraries: MooTools , SoundManager2

4 , PacMan ( game address: http://www.digitalinsane.com/api/yahoo/pacman/ )

Another legendary game, the author began to suspect that there is some super idle guy (or organization), began to quietly the red and white machine era of the game unified transplant for the Web version ... Well, perhaps the JavaScript version of FC simulators that have emerged in recent years is the product of their conspiracy ...

Dependent libraries: YUI

5 , Ajax Chinese Chess (game address: http://ajaxchess.pragmaticlogic.com/ )

As the literate Chinese see this picture, they will know that this is a Chinese chess game based on JavaScript ...

Dependent libraries: MooTools , SoundManager2

6 , Sudoku (game address: http://www.dhtmlgoodies.com/scripts/game_sudoku/game_sudoku.html )

Crazy Popular Sudoku Game, How can the JavaScript crazy people let go? (It seems like all the graphics can be displayed on the system can run this game ...) )

Dependent libraries: None

7 , Spacius (game address: http://scriptnode.com/lab/spacius/ )

Is the famous thunder and lightning, the completion of a very high classic shooting game, the effect of fluency, the first time I run a mistake in the play Flash .

Dependent libraries: SoundManager2

8 , Browser shooter ( game address: http://valums.com/demos/game/ )

Want IE to kill Firefox or Chrome ?  Well, there's no hope in real life--but in this game you can do it for the time being.

Dependent libraries: jQuery

9 , berts breakdown ( game address: http://www.paulbrunt.co.uk/bert/ )

Another strong to the reverse days of JavaScript Horizontal version of the game, under the performance of Chrome has been similar to the same Flash game.

Dependent libraries: none

Js-wars (game address: http://29a.ch/jswars/ )

The horizontal version of the Lightning shooting game, seems to use JavaScript game development of the guys are very like the horizontal board game ... The author wrote in the introduction to the game--your mission is: to find Dr. Skull and destroy him!

Dependent libraries: jQuery

one , Javascript Wolfenstein 3D (game address: http://www.nihilogic.dk/labs/wolf/ /c14>)

By the legendary genius JS Programmer-- Jacob Seidelin (see, People's name is how to call, learning ah ...) )。 Transplanted from the world's first first-person shooter (a controversial, " Ultima underworld "), or "returning to the German headquarters" before the "German headquarters" of the JavaScript complex.

only from the current stage   javascript  Comprehensive performance, the high degree of completion is breathtaking, I am afraid that even part of the   flash  Game developers should also be ashamed. If one day the   webgl  Standard is universal, even if the author uses  , javascript  to carve out a World of Warcraft I'm not surprised ... The only regret is that this game relies on the   of   javascript  , canvas  Technology, which may be   ie  Unfriendly ... "

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