WebLogic configuration of the SUSE system SSL Function Reference method

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Here's a simple way to configure the WebLogic managed encryption port:
WebLogic Configuring the SSL feature reference method
WebLogic SSL Configuration Preparation
Note: If the branch does not obtain the JKs file required for SSL configuration, you will need to manually generate the local self-signed SSL certificate
1) Generate Identity.jks KeyStore
[Email protected]:~/domains/mcpinterf_domain> keytool-genkey-alias picckey-keyalg rsa-keysize 1024-keypass 111111 -keystore Identity.jks-storepass 111111-validity 3650
What is your first and last name?
unknown: note (native address)
What is the name of your organizational unit?

What is your organization's name?

What is the name of your city or region?

What is the name of your state/province?

What is the two-letter country/region code for this unit?

cn=, OU=PICC, O=PICC, l=beijing, st=beijing, c=cn correct?

2) Generate self-signed public key certificate
[Email protected]:~/domains/mcpinterf_domain> keytool-export-alias picckey-file Root.cer-keystore Identity.jks
Enter KeyStore Password: #这里输入密码111111
Certificates that are stored in file <root.cer>
3) Generate Trust.jks KeyStore
[Email protected]:~/domains/mcpinterf_domain> keytool-import-alias picckey-trustcacerts-file Root.cer-keystore Trust.jks
Enter KeyStore Password: #这里输入密码111111
Enter the new password again: #这里输入密码111111
Owner: cn=, OU=PICC, O=PICC, l=beijing, st=beijing, C=CN
Posted by: cn=, OU=PICC, O=PICC, l=beijing, st=beijing, C=CN
Serial Number: 123fd22c
Validity start Date: Fri 10:34:11 CST 2016, due date: Mon Jul 10:34:11 CST 2026
Certificate thumbprint:
Signature Algorithm Name: Sha256withrsa
Version: 3


#1: objectid: criticality=false
Subjectkeyidentifier [
KeyIdentifier [
0000:d1 5E 1E E5 9D, 0E, 0E, 3C, ^ .... 4$. E ... "<
0010:f7 E2 7D. `.

Do you trust this certificate? No: Y
The certificate has been added to the KeyStore
2.9.4. WebLogic Configuring SSL Features
Enter Http:// in the browser to access the WebLogic console. Under Environment-server-managedserver7002-configuration-like information, turn on SSL and set the SSL port to 8888. Such as:

2.9.5. Configure KeyStore
Select the environment-server-managedserver7002-configuration-KeyStore (keystores) tab to fill in the appropriate configuration information sequentially
KeyStore: Custom identities and custom trusts
Custom Identity KeyStore: Identity.jks
Custom identity KeyStore Type: JKS
Custom identity keystore Password: 111111
Confirm your custom identity keystore password: 111111
Custom Trust KeyStore: Trust.jks
Custom Trust KeyStore Type JKS
Custom Trust KeyStore Password: 111111
Confirm Custom Trust KeyStore password 111111

2.9.6. Configuring SSL Information
Select the environment-server-managedserver7002-Configuration-ssl tab to fill in the appropriate configuration information sequentially
Private key alias: Picckey
Private Key Password: 111111
Confirm the private key password 111111
Host name Authentication select "None"

After saving all the information, click Console to activate the change restart domain
Open the browser and use Https://ip:8888/mcpinterf to show the following prompt configuration is complete

WebLogic configuration of the SUSE system SSL Function Reference method

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