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In this article, I will summarize some basic knowledge about how to optimize the user experience in website design and production based on my previous website construction experience.

Let the user know that the operation has not been completed

On the website, When you click a link to submit a form or press the button, the user does not know what will happen. Designers should design expectations for each action and clearly display the action results. There are many ways to keep users updated at any time.

If your user is in a certain process and involves multiple steps, it is best to let the user know that nothing has happened before the action actually happens. In the process of website construction, we have encountered many such examples. For example, on the registration page of the happy cloud official website, each step is clearly written at the top of the page, and the unfinished steps are marked in gray. Orange indicates the stage of the current user ,,

In this way, the user knows clearly that he or she is not lost, and does not worry that the information he or she entered will be lost. More importantly, the user is reminded to complete the work immediately, don't give up!

Remind the user of the stage

During the construction of E-commerce websites, designers often keep the items selected by users on the page and tell users about their shopping cart and consumption at any time, this helps users understand how much they have spent and what products they will buy.

In addition, sometimes users often need to wait for a period of processing time on the server and need a long waiting process, at this time, the website design requires that some information be displayed to inform users of this waiting status not because their computer is too slow or crashed. This example can be seen everywhere in the familiar Windows system, that is, the installation progress bar.

In this case, animation is especially important, because dynamic changes give people a feeling of change. If the screen is still, it will give a worried feeling ...... Is my computer suspended? Network disconnected? Is the server dead? Let's take a good example. It takes tens of seconds to create a website in the leyun website creation system. users do not know how long it takes to create a website, but they know that everything is going on normally.





In addition to being beautiful, the most important thing for a website is the user experience. What is the user experience? It is not a single body, but whether the operations are smooth, whether the information is primary and secondary, whether the user is clear about what he is doing, and whether the user knows how to solve unpredictable problems, and so on. These are all reflected in the details of website design and website production. Once again, they have verified the words "Details determine success or failure!



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