Website detection (4) brute force password cracking in burp suite

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The intruder module of burp suite is used to automatically detect Web applications. We can use it to brute force guess the user name and password. First, prepare the username and password dictionary. You can use the leaked username and password on the Internet, such as csdn, Tianya, and Renren. You can also use the dictionary tool to generate the dictionary. The super wood tool is still very useful.

First, we caught the post package for logging on to the website. iesets the proxy server and uses burp suite. For more information about how to use burp suite, see
Captured post package

To view the details, right-click the post package and click send to intruder. Start to enter the intruder interface:

The red part in the figure is the dynamic data automatically detected by the Software. You can choose to cancel or add it. The dynamic data can be dynamically loaded in our dictionary and submitted to the server.

Here, only username and password are left, and the rest are not Dynamically Loaded,

Then select payload to load our dictionary,

(The dictionary needs to be manually generated.) After loading, we can see the dictionary content list on the left. Then you can perform brute force cracking. Click intruder-> start attack,

On the running page, we can see the results of each attack. We can determine whether the logon is successful Based on the returned data. However, the Web server sets a limit on the number of times, multiple logon failures may cause the IP address to be blocked. Result


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