What are the differences between Xen, Openvz, and KVM ?, Xenopenvz

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What are the differences between Xen, Openvz, and KVM ?, Xenopenvz

VPS is called Virtual Private Server (VDS ). it is to use various virtualization methods to virtualize a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. compared with traditional virtual hosts, VPS can provide users with independent OS environments, such as iptalbes, web server selection, and databases. The following types of common VPS technologies can be divided:Xen, Openvz, KVMThree.


What are the differences between Xen, Openvz, and KVM?

These three are common virtualization host technologies. Xen pv is a common semi-virtualization technology. It is not a real virtual machine, but is equivalent to running a kernel instance. It can freely load kernel modules, virtual memory and I/O, stable and predictable. XEN hvm is fully virtualized, and pv can only be used in Linux kernel systems with higher efficiency. hvm can Virtualize all common operating systems (windows can be used), with a lower theoretical efficiency than pv. In addition, hvm requires the support of cpu virtualization commands, and pv does not have this requirement.

Openvz Is A virtualization technology at the operating system level. It is an application on the underlying operating system, which means it is easy to understand and has low weight overhead. Applications run directly on the CPU without passing through virtual commands, in general, it also means better performance.

Kvm is completely virtual, so there is no need to distinguish between Xen pv and hvm. All kvm virtual technologies can be installed with various linux releases and various win releases, whether or not the supplier specifies whether or not windows is supported on the homepage, you can install kvm vps as long as you have enough configuration to run Windows.

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