What can webpower e-mail marketing platform bring?

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The world's leading multi-channel intelligent Marketing Service organization Webpower has been committed to the global e-mail marketing scientific concept, the dissemination of advanced technology, targeting the particularity of the Chinese Mail Marketing market, published countless marketing education content, to help Chinese enterprises to use and play the value of e-mail marketing tools, Promote the development and progress of China's mail marketing industry. Webpower a new e-mail marketing platform V10 version of the brand with the same name last year, and continues to refine and improve many of the leading technologies, while optimizing the user interface and interaction design, wondering what business goals webpower Email marketing can help you achieve?

1. You can easily send email newsletters, promotional emails that meet your daily needs

Webpower Mail Marketing platform can quickly create specifications, high-quality e-mail. With a user-friendly online editor and a convenient template, you can greatly improve your productivity. With a handy editor, you can quickly create emails without any HTML knowledge. You can complete the daily e-mail communication to subscribers with a simple operation that is beyond imagination, create creative and motivational product promotion emails, launch exciting activities to satisfy users, enhance user engagement, and meet new subscribers and users ' needs for regular email marketing purposes General active users, inactive users, active users, purchase users, loyal users and other types of mail marketing activities. You will use a variety of wonderful mail product line gradually to help users build your brand memory, guide users to complete AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) process.

As you see it, you can visualize the messages that your customers eventually receive when you create them. In addition, the system will automatically create and convert text versions (some users will block HTML versions of mail) and Web HTML versions to facilitate and save you time. All you can imagine, and what you can't imagine, webpower can help you achieve.

2. You can also send in response to user behavior, experience good system triggered mail

Webpower e-mail marketing platform has more mature and convenient mail marketing basic functions, but also has based on big data analysis under the Advanced intelligent function. Triggering a message triggers a message based on a specific action while tracking your email user behavior. If the user does not log in, buy, browse and other actions, trigger the user to retrieve e-mail call back, reactivate the user, or when users browse a product page reached a certain number of times, but did not make a purchase behavior, you can trigger a user with a limited time discount, promotional code of the message to encourage users to take the purchase action. For products that have a recurring purchase, such as baby milk diapers, toothbrush toothpaste, pet food, etc., you can use the Webpower platform to automatically send a reminder email again before the user's next purchase cycle arrives.

In addition, you can also send intelligent e-mails. Suppose you run a travel reservation site such as Ctrip, the same way network, poor travel network, there is a user on your website to search for a certain time of travel products, or in the past to click a certain time, destination or type of products, showing the demand for the product, but finally did not complete the purchase, how to do? At this time, Webpower platform Intelligent Mail can help solve the problem, based on the intelligent computing model of the user's interest analysis, automatically trigger and push to meet the needs of individual users of personalized mail, to achieve a true sense of different users of different mail, one-to-one communication.

3. You can also send awesome transactional messages throughout the user lifecycle

Transactional mail is a treasure hidden in the life cycle of email marketing, where users pay more attention to it, and its opening rate is higher than promotional mail. Webpower Mail Marketing can build a set of transactional mail solutions throughout the entire user life cycle, from confirmation of subscription mail, order confirmation mail, invoice request mail, logistics information mail, to points due to mail, account security settings mail, and so on, smooth natural convergence in the user's various demand points, Enhance the user experience, and you can also extend and extend the value of your marketing interests by naturally embedding marketing goods, coupon codes, social sharing buttons, and product usage tips into your transactional mail.

4. Easy to add and manage your user list, scientific database management

Not only can you import and export mail address data, whole files or groups by clicking the button, you can also use filters to automatically clean up invalid data, in addition, the management of "mail CRM" can facilitate data updating, data classification, "label-type" data management service for users, establish and understand the user Eid, Improve the accuracy of email marketing.

5. Combine SMS, social media, app multichannel reach more target groups, more external properties personalized mail

External properties can help you further personalize your mail, such as the Webpower platform SMS module, social media features, for you to achieve mail and, APP, SMS and other multi-channel linkage, and from various channels of user attribute data integration, will be able to sketch a clearer user profile, Gain insight into your users ' needs. For example, if you send a shopping cart to drop an email, you can also use some external attributes to personalize the message, in addition to the user's discarded products, such as including a series of other product recommendations in the same price range. You can use any data you want to personalize your email. Personalized, high-relevancy content email tailored to each user for higher user feedback.

6. Rigorous monitoring of the delivery of e-mail, so that the success of e-mail optimization

Strictly abide by the "doublechecklist" for the strict audit of the mail, based on the nature of the message, choose the best Test results version, with rational delivery time and send speed to push, and real-time mail push effect tracking.

7. Through detailed statistical reports, so that your marketing results at a glance, the effect of sustainable optimization

According to the user's demand, Webpower mail marketing platform can provide a full range of 360-degree data statistic Monitoring report, personalized Activity performance analysis report in time, and provide optimized advice by professional consultant. You can use these large and detailed data to analyze the behavior of your mail recipients, understand the results of your messages, and continually improve your messages. You can also easily view your performance conversion points. How many recipients complete the order via mail, what are the turnover of these orders, and so on.

8. You can get some more advanced features

In addition to sending mail, the Webpower email marketing platform offers other platform extensions to help you optimize your email marketing, maximize the effectiveness of your email and analyze your data to meet any online marketing needs.

s) A/B testing. the Webpower platform uses a/b (split send), allowing you to send different versions of the message to a subset of the user base to determine which version of the message is performing best, and then use that version to the rest of the list of users.

2) Dynamic templates. dynamic templates can provide a standard template layout, and you can easily change the message content by simply fine-tune the message on the online editor.

3) Location module. through the Webpower platform location template detection, you can easily see your mail open the location of the crowd, convenient for you to do more detailed analysis of the data, regional breakdown mail sent.

4) Schedule management. for events that require a lot of action, such as the need to send invitations, agendas, confirmations, reminders, and a range of messages, the Send Schedule feature allows you to specify the time to send messages and text messages, and to fully automate the management of all communication matters for the event.

5) e-mail client and junk e-mail filter test. you want your email to be received in the inbox of your target audience. However, each email client and spam filter has its own requirements and limitations. The Webpower platform automates multiple checks and helps you test if your e-mail meets their requirements, verifying that your email is not blocked by a spam filter to ensure the maximum number of messages sent.

6) API System docking. through the API system docking, you can use CRM or CMS and so more convenient to send mail. You can also easily access customer information from your database for your email use, and even easily integrate your site content into your mail.

7) PDF Builder. using the PDF generator makes it easy to create coupons that all recipients can use by printing. Of course, using the PDF generator can also encourage recipients to download your PDF version of the newsletter.

9. Get more help from our team of marketing experts

Our e-mail marketing consulting experts, mail designers, mail technical support, customer service team are composed of senior background, professional ability of high-quality personnel, they are real instructors, engineers, designers, etc., with real ability to identify problems and solve problems, from database management, project management, e-mail quality monitoring, activity review and optimization recommendations, covering the whole process of enterprise mail marketing, the whole case execution Planning service to the mail-based design, technology and transmission of customized development services. If you have any questions in email marketing, get in touch with us soon. Tel: 4001181598; e-mail: [email protected]; official website wwww.webpowerchina.com.

What can webpower e-mail marketing platform bring?

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