What does OAuth2 $oAuth mean in the Sina micro-disk SDK?

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Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ')
There's a OAuth2 class in front.

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Public function __construct (OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = ' sandbox ')
There's a OAuth2 class in front.

OAuth2 $oAuth means that the first parameter $oAuth needs to be an instance of class OAuth2 (new OAuth2)

How about this SDK? O lowercase, one uppercase.

Can you take a good look at the documentation and ask again?
https://github.com/CloudSide/VdiskSDK-PHP/blob/master/Vdisk/Vdisk.php# ...

    /**     * 构造函数     *      * @access public     * @param OAuth2 $oAuth \Vdisk\OAuth2实例     * @param mixed $root 微盘容器的类型(basic or sandbox), 默认为sandbox     * @return void     */    public function __construct(OAuth2 $oAuth, $root = 'sandbox') {        $this->OAuth = $oAuth;        $this->setRoot($root);    }


新浪微盘 OAuth 认证类(OAuth2) Vdisk\OAuth2授权机制说明请参考文档:http://vdisk.weibo.com/developers/index.php?module=api&action=authinfo
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