What makes C # the most worthwhile programming language to learn

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With the popularity of Web, IOS, Android and smart devices, new programming languages have sprung up and performed well, such as Ruby,python,scala,go,node.js,swift. The anti-Outlook has developed in the C # language for nearly 20 years (or, perhaps more accurately, the. Net Framework) Because of the inherent platform limitations that have led many C # programmers to embrace new languages for their livelihoods and future careers.

At this point, Microsoft's. Net Core was born

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    1. Cross-platform: can run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

    2. Compatibility:. NET Core is compatible with the. NET Framework, Xamarin, and Mono through the. NET Standard library.

    3. Open Source: The runtime, libraries, compilers, languages, and tools are all open sources of GitHub.

    4. Unified: Use standard libraries to ensure code reuse.

    5. A strong ecological environment

Based on the advantages of. Net Core above, it is undoubtedly a strong pin for engineers in C # (including vb.net) as the preferred programming language.

Here's a 6-part explanation of why C # is the most worthwhile programming language to learn, and even C # is the most recommended language for beginners to program.

Low learning threshold

If you've ever done programming in C, Java, or JavaScript, you'll feel familiar with C # syntax, and C # 's syntax is very easy to read and understand. According to the latest published TIOBE statistics, millions of developers can easily switch from Java or C programming to C # language programming.

Even if you don't have any programming experience at all, a lot of books and online documentation are not comparable to emerging languages, and there are many online resources available to help you learn C #, such as:

    • Microsoft Virtual Academy-free video and evaluation.

    • Get started with Microsoft C #-Free interactive tutorials.

With all the features of modern language

. NET Core has some top-level features:

    • Strongly typed.

    • A powerful base class library.

    • Asynchronous programming-Easy-to-use asynchronous/wait mode.

    • Garbage collection, automatic memory management.

    • LINQ-language-integrated queries.

    • Generics-List<t>, Dictionary<t, t>.

    • Package management.

    • The ability to share binary files across multiple platforms and frameworks.

    • Use the framework to create MVC WEB applications and RESTful APIs.

Versatility: Web, Mobile, server, desktop applications

The most remarkable thing about C # and. NET is its versatility. Xamarin can write desktop applications, WEB applications, background services, and even mobile applications. In addition to C #, all I really need to know is a handful of JavaScript to bring some UI code together. The ASP. NET Core template even uses the Bootstrap layout and NPM to deposit into the client library.

Versatility is a great advantage, so that the language you learn can be used in a variety of scenarios, and your skills are more adaptable. If you want to combine what you've done, you can jump from developing a Web application to developing a mobile application. This is a big difference for most other programming languages that work only on the server side.

Also, don't forget Microsoft Azure support. Microsoft Azure makes it easy to start and run, and deploy your app to the cloud in just a few clicks. Microsoft Azure also supports Docker containers, which make it easy to deploy applications to AWS or other hosting providers.

The best development tool (not one)

Visual Studio has been considered the best IDE for developers, and Microsoft has released the latest VS 2017 to support. Net Core, which supports code authoring, debugging, parsing, git integration, unit testing, and more in one environment. Visual Studio now offers a fully functional, free community version.

Of course, you can also use your favorite text editor as a basic text file for writing. NET Core code. You can also treat the Visual Studio encoding tool as a good basic code Editor on any operating system. Even for those who will never give up vim or Emacs, C # development can still be done. You can also install a plug-in for Visual Studio to add all your favorite shortcut keys.

The entire. NET ecosystem is also full of amazing developer tools. For example, I can't imagine life without JetBrains in Resharper. The. NET ecosystem has dozens of excellent tools, both open source and commercial.

Standardize class libraries

. NET comes with a very good set of base class libraries. Unlike node. js,. NET has built-in simple string functions, such as Leftpad (). A variety of base classes reduce the need for external packages. Microsoft is also happy to be a community project like Json.NET, which is a key library for most projects.

Microsoft provides a very good set of patterns and practices for. NET. For example, there are built-in standard data Access (Entity Framework) and model-View-controller (MVC) frameworks. Most developers are using these standard frameworks, which makes it easy for developers to migrate between teams and quickly understand how projects work. Because of this, your knowledge and skills become more adaptable.

. NET Core is open-source

One of the biggest changes in. NET is its open source code. Almost all of the code is now on GitHub for anyone to view, share and contribute. This is a huge change that most people never thought would happen.

As a developer, you need to be aware of what your code is doing. For example, in the past it was necessary to confirm that the connection was closed by calling Dispose () of the database connection. Now you can access the source code to quickly verify these types of problems.

Even if you are not able to contribute to the source code, you can benefit from a huge community. Issues and improvements can be quickly discussed, coded and published so that you regularly use them. The days that have taken years to release major improvements or minor bug fixes have passed.

Summary: The launch of Microsoft. NET core is undoubtedly a great opportunity for developers with a large base of. NET platforms to anticipate that the use of the C # language based on. NET Core platform development will become popular in the coming years.

Original link: https://dzone.com/articles/why-net-core-made-c-your-next-programming-language

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What makes C # the most worthwhile programming language to learn

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