What is Linux?

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What is Linux?

Reading: I believe most people use it the same way as small editors.WindowsSystem, but as the saying goes: I have never eaten pork and have seen pig run. You must have heardLinuxSystem, so the problem is,LinuxWhat system is it? Next, let's take a look at the answers ~~~

Reference: http://www.eepw.com.cn/article/269531.htm1, LinuxWhat system is it--Overview

Strictly speaking, Linux only represents the Linux kernel, but people are used to calling Linux as the operating system using the Linux kernel. Over time, Linux also represents the Linux operating system.

Linux is based on Posix andUnixThe founder of the computer operating system Linus Torvalds (denas towafz) was born in. So far, the released versions include Debian, RedHat, and Slackware, it features free, secure, reliable, stable, and multiple platforms.

The Linux operating system has two basic ideas. One is to regard everything as a file, including commands, hardware, software, and processes, which are regarded as different types of files; the second is that the Linux system holds that each software has its intended use. These two basic ideas andUnixThe system has great similarity and can be completed in Linux.UnixTherefore, Linux is Unix-based.

Ii. What is Linux?-A Brief History

Linux was born from a computer enthusiast named Linus Torvalds, who was a student at the University of Helsinki, Finland, he initially intended to use Linux to replace Minix systems (Minix is an operating system teaching program compiled by a computer professor named Andrew Tannebaum) because it is Linus's Minix, therefore, the name is Linux. Soon after this idea sprouted, Linux was born.

After the birth of Linux, Linus Torvalds released the Linux system on the network to prevent such an operating system from dying, attracting a large number of computer talents to participate in the development of Linux, linux is now on the road to growth.

During the growth of Linux, Linus Torvalds requires that all Linux source code be made public, and no one can obtain the benefits from Linux transactions. However, this idea of being too pure and free software hinders the further development of Linux, So Linus decided to turn the Linux system to the Public copyright GPL (General Public License (GNU General Public License) to become a member of GUN. Since then, Linux has become a free operating system that anyone can download and change on the Internet. The active participation of countless computer experts makes the Linux system more and more powerful and more mature.

After the maturity of the Linux system, thanks to its excellent design and extraordinary performance, it has attracted the attention of a large number of internationally renowned enterprises such as IBM, CA, INTEL, CORE, and ORACLE, with their strong support, the market share of Linux systems has gradually increased and gradually become one of several mainstream operating systems.

Iii. What is Linux?-Features

1. completely free and open source code:

Linux is based on the public copyright (GPL) and is a completely free operating system. Users can download its source code from the network and modify it at will, this is not what other operating systems can do.

2. fully compatible with Unix:

All functions of the Unix operating system can be implemented in Linux.

3. fully compatible with the Posix 1.0 standard:

This feature enables users to run common DOS,WindowsProgram, for the user fromWindowsIt lays the foundation for converting to Linux.

4. Support for multiple platforms:

Linux is an embedded operating system that can run on not only x86, 680x0, or a hardware platform with a CPU such, it can also run on handheld computers, game consoles, or set-top boxes, and supports multi-processor technology.

5. Multi-user and multi-task:

Linux supports multiple users. Users have special rights to their file devices to ensure that each user does not affect each other. In addition, Linux also supports multi-task, which allows multiple programs to run concurrently without affecting each other.

6. Good interface:

Linux has two types of interfaces: one is the character interface that uses keyboard input commands to perform operations, and the other is the graphic interface that controls the operation with the mouse.

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