What is software consulting?

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After entering the design institute, the subconscious tells me that this is not a place where development is used to eat. I have asked a senior student today. I can say a few words!

As follows:

For example, for a school, developing a Course Arrangement System is called software development. But does the school need a Course Arrangement System? Do I need a card? Need canteen management? Need dormitory management? If necessary, what should I do first? After what? How are systems connected? How to divide each module? We plan the School Informatization and design it. The school leader only knows what he needs, but he doesn't know how to build it. This is the consulting design.

In addition, I will not go into details about the prison case because everyone is familiar with the school. This is enough.

After knowing what is consulting, we should know how to do the consulting and what preparations should be made. In turn, my personal opinion is:

1. understand customer requirements

2. Plan customer solutions (Create Customer values and provide customer business opportunities)

Here you want to design




3. Understand Software Architecture

4. Understand the IOT Architecture

5. Businesses and quotations in various industries

The company's characteristics and development direction: Unlike mature large-scale software development companies, our software department's strengths are not in development, but in information, relying on the background of the company's consulting, joint efforts by the System Integration Department. After obtaining good information standards, it is effort-saving to invest in software design standards, and development can be outsourced.

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