What is the ear health care method?

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Chinese medicine believes that kidney is one of the important organs of the human body and is the foundation of nature. Whether the kidney function is normal plays an important role in health and longevity. The five elements of the motherland's medicine theory that the main kidney essence, open in the ears, to treat kidney disease acupuncture points are many in the ear. Therefore, some ears are often forged, which can play the role of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the waist and improving the body for years. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, the ears are the door to the sound. The process of ear care is not only for the health care of internal organs, but also promotes blood circulation in the ear and improves ear nutrition. How much is the ear health care method that is easy to learn, easy to learn, and easy to learn?
Lifting ear lobe Method
After the forefinger of both hands is placed on the inside of the ear screen, use the forefoot and thumb to pull the ear screen and earlobe from the inside to the outside. The method ranges from light to heavy. The force of pulling is limited to no pain ~ 5 minutes. This method can cure headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.
Handwheel Method
With an empty fist in both hands, the thumb and food fingers are pushed up and down along the ear wheel, and the electric door is pushed up and down until the ear wheel is congested and fever. This method has the advantages of good brain, strong kidney, intelligent ears, eyesight, prevention and treatment of impotence, frequent urination, constipation, waist and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest tightness, headache, dizziness and other diseases.
Pull ear tip Method
Pinch the tip of the ear with both hands and forefoot, and raise the tip, rub, pinch, and rub up for 15 ~ 20 times, make the local fever red. This method has the effects of calming, relieving pain, clear brain eye, fever, antiallergy, nourishing kidney and so on, can prevent hypertension, insomnia, throat inflammation and skin disease.
Rubbing ears
Both hands gently pinch ears, and then rubbing to Red fever. Then hold your ears down and let them bounce back. Two or three times a day, 20 times each time. This method can promote the blood circulation of the ears and strengthen the kidney and waist.
In-ear monitoring
Draw the right ear dozens of times over the top of the head of the left hand, and then draw the left ear dozens of times. This exercise can also promote the secretion of the lower jaw gland and tongue gland, reduce the throat pain, and cure chronic inflammatory disease.
Cover your ears with both hands
Both hands cover two ears, fingers behind the skull, pressed the middle finger with the index finger hit 24, you can hear the sound of rumbling. This stimulation can activate the kidney and has the effects of brain, eyesight, and strong kidney.
Full ear massage
Massage the abdomen (front of ears), massage the back of the back, massage for 5 ~ 6 times. This method can clear the meridians and has a health effect on the kidney and the organs of the whole body.
Ear scanning with both hands
Scan your ears forward by your hands, and then you will hear the sound of "yellow. Every 20 times, several times a day, as long as long-term persistence, strong kidney fitness.
The above methods can be selected based on the needs of each person, or individual or a few items in combination, as long as they can persist, will be able to receive the ideal health and kidney strong waist to extend the effect of years.

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