What is the hybrid application (Hybrid app), compared to the native Native application of its advantages and disadvantages

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Native applications, which are specially developed for an operating system, run on their own devices, have all the rights to access the full functionality of the phone, speed, performance is faster and higher than hybrid applications, have better user experience, can be used offline, and support a large number of graphics and animations. However, the development cost of native applications is very high, and is used on a dedicated device of a platform, the support device is limited, and the update needs to be downloaded again.

Web applications are essentially web-based applications designed for mobile browsers that are developed in a common web development language and can be run on a variety of smartphone browsers, supporting a wide range of devices with low development costs, instant online, and no content restrictions. Users can use the latest version two directly without manually updating the download. But it is a big requirement for networking, the user experience is not so good, the image and animation support is not high, can not download manufacturing profits in the App Store, the characteristics of the mobile phone restrictions

The so-called hybrid application is a combination of native and Web applications, which is less expensive, faster to update and more compatible than native applications, one-time development, multiple applications, active developer communities, the ability to apply the latest web technologies to solve problems and improve the user experience, but it's not as good as native app performance. Experience fluency, unlike web apps it can access a variety of features of your phone, can be downloaded in the App Store, and can be used offline, and requires app sync support.

What is the hybrid application (Hybrid app), compared to the native Native application of its advantages and disadvantages

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