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A while ago, I started my own business. After learning HTML, CSS, js, and python, I ran to install x and said that I could help build a website. The next step is the various face-hitting situations... The webpage code is almost the same, and there is no major problem with the design. Because the entrepreneurial team of my partner does not have any technical staff, it is a matter of course that I will do my work to build a website... But I only use the front-end part (and also the three-legged cat), so I am dumb. I have a clear overview of the previous situation. Here is a detailed description of the problem: I know about the website construction in this way: Some of my friends have been involved in entrepreneurship a while ago, I learned some HTML, CSS, js, and python and ran to install x to help build the site. The next step is the various face-hitting situations...
The webpage code is almost the same, and there is no major problem with the design.
Because the entrepreneurial team of my partner does not have any technical staff, it is a matter of course that I will do my work to build a website... But I only use the front-end part (and also the three-legged cat), so I am dumb.

The previous summary is clear. Here is a detailed description of the problem:
What I know about website creation is as follows:
Front-end: uidesign, html (framework), css (retouching), and js (Layer ). You can also use python and so on (interaction ).
Backend: Buy a domain name. (Rent a server. Manage servers .)

-I don't know if this is the whole process? What else do I need to add?
-In addition, you need to use different languages from the purchase of domain names. (I know that some languages can be used in different languages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these languages ?)
-If you want your website to have the online application form submission function, do you need to write servers and manage databases?

The previous languages used to be a little bit of learning and playing on their own, without carefully studying software programming. (math, computer science double major, then cs gave up treatment -. -). Such as c, c #, c ++... Please speak to professionals...

Thank you very much! : 3 reply content: laxatives, no process, give me money, I help you finally not only one programmer, but only one technician... You just need to figure out the following steps to easily learn how to build a website

I don't know how your foundation works? I don't know how high your requirements for website construction are? With these questions, please read on. It may be very helpful to you, but of course it may not be as big as you think.

Next, let me talk about the general process of website construction based on my experience in designing and making my own web pages over the past six years?

1. Website domain name and Space

A website must first have a good domain name. Our common website suffixes are generally used. com and. there are many cn ,. com is an international domain name suffix ,. cn is a Chinese domain name. The subject of a domain name is generally the subject of your website, or the name of an enterprise. A website space is used to store your website content and program files, such as webpages, images, and video materials.

2. Website Design Layout

For most users who access the website, the first sight given to them after entering the website is the website structure layout. Different types of website design businesses are different. In the early stage of website construction, we need to make a reasonable plan, think about the functions to be implemented, the desired plate type and the main user group, but no matter how designed, websites aim to directly attract users and give users a faster understanding of enterprise products and technologies. At this time, we need to collect materials, including the content, text, images, and other information required by the website.

3. Production and Construction

When preparing the above content, you can start to build the site. The site is mainly divided into the front-end and back-end. The front-end is the website layout. The layout should not be too messy according to the website type and audience-oriented. It must be concise and ensure the user experience so that visitors can have a good impression. The construction background is more complex. It is necessary to use the program to integrate the foreground and complete the required functions. This requires more complex programming. Website construction is finally based on the website layout. Only by rationally deploying each section, the most direct and effective information is displayed to users, and the user's search information is quick, of course, the user can obtain more effective information faster, which can greatly improve the website conversion rate.

4. Test and release

When the website program is well written, it is a prototype of a website, but the website is still incomplete at this time, and tests and evaluations are required. There are still many imperfections in the website, we need to observe more from the perspective of user experience and gradually improve. When all the website problems are solved and there are no major problems, you can upload the website to the VM space. This is the access domain name and you can officially access the website.

5. Maintenance and promotion

After the website is launched, we need to improve the website's shortcomings and promote the website. There are eight website promotion methods: search engine promotion methods, email promotion methods, resource cooperative promotion methods, information release promotion methods, viral marketing methods, bbs promotion methods, online advertising promotion methods, and comprehensive website promotion methods.

I don't know how to answer the question. I hope it will help you.

Here, I will give you a chicken soup that I like very much: I always believe that the harder you work, the luckier you are, the closer you communicate.

If you have any questions about webpage design or website construction, visit my personal blog http://www.yemiansheji.cn/for discussion!

You can learn ruby on rails, an advanced web app integration framework (many people who write websites using rails are not programmers at all, and you will know that this framework is awesome ), this greatly simplifies and accelerates the website writing process. Foreign startups generally use this website.
Write your website in rails. Then buy a domain name. Buy a vps server. Bind the domain name to the server ip address. Install linux on vps, install and set nginx and passenger server software on linux, and deploy the prepared web app. Run. Management.
This is basically the case.
However. This is only a programmer's version 2.0.
It takes at least a year and a half to learn this knowledge. So either calm down and learn knowledge, or find a professional web programmer. A website made by heart can be done without a single click, but if you just want to make a simple functional site or display site, the process is roughly as follows.

Purchase server space;
To build a server environment, you need to select different environments based on different technical solutions. For example, you need to choose apache or nginx, mysql or orcal, depending on the situation, however, I have seen the PHP tag here, so I will take the typical php LAMP development environment as an example.
Purchase configuration domain name;
Front-end page design (that is, what the webmaster looks like );
Static front-end pages (HTML, CSS, and JS you mentioned will be completed in this step );
Database Design (used to store website data );
Backend code (data extraction from data, logical operation, and function implementation );

However, website construction is definitely not just such a simple thing, but there are still many things to consider in detail.
For example, to save development time, you can use cms to build websites, such as dede and phpcms ............ Which one is selected?
Open-source frameworks such as yii and smartfony can be used for easy maintenance ...... Which one is selected?
Even if you build your own wheels, you must also consider future maintenance and demand changes.

Taking into account the entrepreneurship mentioned above, to be honest, Internet entrepreneurship your current technical skills are too weak. We recommend that you use dedecms, the Getting Started website construction tool, to write your own front-end pages according to the document, to implement the functions of the website. Website Construction
1, choose a good development language, html, js is required, you want to choose a http://asp.net Or php or other
2. Select a database. Generally, php + mysql, asp.net + sqlserver
3. Design the page and cut the image to form html + css
4. Development Background Management System
5. purchase domain names and website spaces, and complete filing
6. If ftp is used to upload a website, please reply.
In fact, this is not difficult. It is much easier for the landlord to have a certain foundation.

There are few steps to build a simple website. Some large, server-deployed websites are excluded here.
It is intended for websites that are displayed, blog, forum, and information for medium and small enterprises.

We don't have to close our doors and build our own website structure, so we can use the basic code to write a website.

At this time, we can use some open-source programs:
For example, dedecms, CMS, phpwind Forum, discuz Forum, wordpress, zblog, my blog is this open source program, and other open source programs.

This saves us a lot of work and work.

Generally, most of the language programs and databases we use are php + mysql or asp.net + sqlserver.


Rent a server:

Put your Package and upload the whole website program to your serverAbove,

Decompress your website Program,

Activate your database server,

Install your website,

At this time, the basic structure of the website is installed. You can modify and improve the website's front-end content based on front-end technologies, html + css, and image cutting.

If not, download a corresponding template or set the subject online and modify it a little.

Look, a simple website is coming out.

In fact, at the beginning of website construction, it was not because of the great variety of programs and languages. Programs and languages can be gradually upgraded in the later stages.

What we do is to provide users with exquisite and excellent content services.

For example, there are countless websites built using wordpress, and there are many large websites.
For example, discuz is not used to build a website, and there are many large websites.
For example, many well-known websites, such as the owner, webmaster's house, Baidu webmaster tool forum, the new Q & A platform developed by the People's Network, moonlight blog, and so on, are built using open-source programs. in the later stage, they will be based on actual needs, develop again.

They finally gathered a large number of users with excellent content.

Based on a large number of users, they have improved the website program language, optimized the database, and improved the server architecture.

Of course: Do not be misled by my friends who want to develop websites for large websites.,
After all, the original development of large websites is still a radish.
Front-end: front-end: applications; architecture.

The actual situation is different, and the specific problems must be solved differently. Backend development generally uses PHP, JSP, or JAVA... .

Most of the current small and medium-sized websites are PHP + MySQL combinations, and JSP is not familiar with them. JAVA can also be used as a website.
JAVA advantages: processing large data is relatively strong; disadvantages: memory occupation;
PHP advantages: it is easy to get started and occupies less memory than JAVA. Disadvantage: because the best partner of PHP is MySQL, And the concurrency of MySQL is not high. PHP cannot process data as well as JAVA. Therefore, large websites generally use PHP to display data and JAVA to process data. This was the whole process of establishing the Book transmission network (for the sake of forgetting)
I. Outline of text drafting

Suggestions for "chuanshu network" website

1. Overall Architecture
1. concise, dynamic, and easy to operate.
2. Main pages: Home Page, swing book (searching for books), and book request (when there is no available for sale, buy on this page), personal data, my bookshelves, activity areas, help, join us, suggestions, search for topics (categories include teaching materials, other books, data downloads, exam areas, etc.), can be added as appropriate.

Homepage -- set up a simple function introduction and Search topic for this website, and set up a dynamic window to display existing books; Book request-book sale interface; Book transmission-upload your own books; my bookshelves -- Record my uploaded books, purchase books, activity area -- prepare for future promotional activities; help -- help; join us -- introduce our website and team, we also invite like-minded people to join us. We suggest asking customers to make comments and searching for topics for users to search directly.

II. Specific page

3. Book introduction content: images (set up to Baidu image search plug-in, you can directly search for related book images) title, author, publisher, applicable course, version number, new and old degree, discount price, original price, discount, notes, Introduction

4. Personal data: Set up email address, name, grade, gender, points (upload books and purchase books with corresponding points for marketing activities), mobile phone number (or flying signal), QQ, credit rating

1. my bookshelves: Upload books to the available books column, post book notices and other topics, plug-ins: Set up a comment on the book introduction page, set up a button to accept the book (buy, it also sets up a plug-in to remind buyers to negotiate the transaction location method with the seller (but it is recommended to list the suggested locations in public places) and set up instant contact such as fetion, email or QQ. (Personal data can be stored on a page)

2. Advertising Space

Ii. webpage layout settings: configure the layout of main pages

Ps design drawings

Iii. uidesign

Iv. UED Optimization

V. Finished Products

There are many procedures. Including filing, etc.

6. Promotion

At that time when the fire in the school opened everybody station website no, but the station is still in http://zhan.renren.com/h5/site/671078370
I opened a Weibo account. Http://m.weibo.cn/u/2169605300

Ah, it was very popular at that time. However, it has never been maintained since Baidu's front-end almost had no interview with the bank. All the way! You only know that a ready-made self-help platform is coming soon. All the application forms are available.

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