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Php Chinese network (www.php.cn) provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply content: I have to answer the questions of the unauthenticated respondents.
  • First of all, the prospects of php are currently and not far from the future that I can see. Basically, it is in web development where almost all the markets are occupied, most web sites around the world use php to dynamically parse and read mysql. without the involvement of iphone and Android, I can say for sure that the language market share will definitely be the fourth place, however, object-c has squeezed one name, which is currently the fifth in the world. in website development, php is the first in both desktop pc websites and mobile websites.
  • Secondly, I have to talk about my opponent in php. Currently, php is competing with java and python in the market. java is actually defeated in web development, and java is currently the first place, it's all about server-level big data architecture development, and another android platform. with sun's and Oracle's efforts, in fact, java's performance is close to the speed of c ++, but given that there are too many pitfalls in c ++, it is a kind of pain for programmers who have no knowledge to use c ++, java is actually a failure in javase and javaee. in many cases, the existence of javaee can be said to reflect the pressure of the project, just like Louis Vuitton's existence is a force grid, ask those who are doing enterprise-level development not to spray me. for the same project, it is not a level to compare javaee with php in terms of time and cost. Finally, let's talk about python, this python has always been a small language, a language of tens of thousands of essential oils, and it is really great. although I like php, I was shocked when I first saw the python syntax, as a wild child, php has always been criticized. it is exactly what java and python have. python is concise, concise to what extent, and what ten lines of python do, java has to write one hundred lines. if the programmer's salary is calculated based on the amount of code, it is estimated that the python programmer's salary is the lowest.
  • Let's talk about the advantages of php, and why is it still the mainstream in the near future? in my opinion, don't like it or not, at the beginning, php was a small program written by Lao Lei in perl for his personal homepage. in those years, websites were all cgi written in various languages, c language and c ++ can all be written, but the trouble is that every time you change a very small text on the website page, you have to recompile a lot. c and. H file, this time php appears to make everyone's eyes shine, of course, 94 years later, then rewrite php with c so that he can connect to the database, at that time java did not appear, asp is not born yet, so with the open source php, the global c programmers are instantly put into the embrace of php. in that era, c programmers are really many, in fact, I also thought about why python didn't get angry at the time. Finally, I found that the most important thing was that all the popular languages were similar to C languages, such as java, c ++, object-c, c #, php, and javascript are all c-like syntax languages. The Extension class libraries of php are all the increasing number of c programmers around the world, which is then open-source, catch up with linux, apache, and mysql's open-source and free-of-charge systems, making websites very low, and learning php itself very low. In addition, these items are permanently free of charge, who in the world does not like free things? someone jumps out and says that free things are not good, so I want to refute it. there are so many people who get married around me, if you spend less or even less, you will have a very happy life. in addition, the more you spend, the more strange the female looks. as many people who have attended the wedding, I want to say, if you get married and have children early, and get on the bus first, you 'd better not buy a ticket, 233333
  • Finally, let's talk about the reason why php has been sprayed. free cakes have always touched the interests of more people. for example, Western welfare. In fact, universal medical care can be achieved in our square meters, but it cannot be realized because it will touch a lot of vested interests. who is the free php kid? It must be not just a java language, but a big company like Oracle and Microsoft, which is inspired by php, because the friends of php are linux, apache, and mysql, in addition, php is the best language in the world. In fact, this sentence is missing two words, and the last one is omitted. If java dares to say this, the elders of c ++ must be sprayed to death. The origins of this paragraph only prove that php fire programs are connected to the ground, grassroots people, not even programmers, I know the existence of php, but I haven't mentioned the shortcomings of php. I have learned javase before, so I envy java eclipse. Although php also has ide, however, it is simply not a level. even c #'s visual studio is incredibly powerful. In addition, php functions are messy, naming conventions are messy, case sensitive, and underlined, the camper method for a while and Hungary for a while, even if the parameters and returned values are locations that cannot be figured out by you, I have learned php over the years and I can only say that if I leave ide, I don't know how many times I need to check the manual every day. who can fucking back up so many irregular functions and classes in php, the result of open source is that all people around the world write extensions according to their own rules. In the end, php is like a beggar dressed in patches, begging for hundreds of meals everywhere, on the other hand, java and c # have a rich father.
  • I recently watched the sixth season of The Song of Ice and Fire, and found that there are no eternal enemies and friends, only endless benefits. recently, the go language and swift are getting increasingly popular, which makes me feel that, if a company wants to put a language down, it's just like a father-in-law who cut off his son's living expenses. every minute, you will be killed. many years ago, when I went to school, I kept arguing with my classmates, he is always familiar with asp. I finally said that time is driving force, and asp is destined to be a page of history. a few years ago, some people said that html5 is not as good as flash. I can only say that, the birth of new things must be because old things are not perfect. today I can only say that learning language or learning the highest salary, and then you take your time to change your boss's money, let your boss buy your time, or you can learn the open source language of a wild child. In fact, open source is always unable to die, because the wild child has already experienced a storm outside.
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If so many people like me, I will continue to talk about it.
  • Nowadays, it is quite popular to learn languages and find jobs. they are all related to the things most commonly used by ordinary people, that is, mobile development. so the most popular things are java and object-c, although swift and go have been out for several years, and with their more and more packages, they are still unable to form any climate, and then the c # is the one. The window Mobile phone basically has failed, after learning c #, you can only perform Microsoft desktop-level development. with the global pc sales decreasing year by year, the tablet and mobile games and the software industry continue to rise, c # it will only occupy a few corners on the pc, and finally python and ruby. it's very small and really small. if a startup company has the courage to use these two languages, it is absolutely brave, so Zhihu and Douban are still quite impressive. choosing these two languages means that programmers are not good at recruitment, so they will be hard at work and you will have a bad temper, there is also javascript, html5 development is getting increasingly popular now, aside from some games, if the network is really good, in fact, html5 experience is really good, the app developed with html5 has the biggest advantage of cross-platform. you only need to recruit a programmer to do java and object-c. the revision is easy and does not need to be compiled, if java and object-c were ridiculed by javascript front-end engineers one day, I would not be surprised. let's talk about php at last. you speak the above language, who is qualified to laugh at php? in fact, every language is hard to protect.
  • In mobile app development, most companies choose php to write interfaces, and a few companies use python, but not many, because php programmers are easy to recruit, internet companies leave their jobs very seriously. Basically, they rely on job-hopping to raise their salaries. Therefore, when someone leaves a project, someone must quickly make up for it, the objective situation has to make php continue so prosperous.
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  • To put it bluntly, it is not a comparison between php and javascript python to discuss whether php is good or not. Rather, many people often say that java is used to compare php with php, but I have to say that, at that time, the object-oriented part of php5 was copied too much from java. as long as it was a java programmer switching to php, php's object-oriented part would soon be clearly understood, compared with java, php is a simple language with less threads, and almost half of php programmers seldom use socket.
  • This debate is a war between compilation and interpretation languages. it was impossible to have an interpretation language in that year. the emergence of the interpretation language php python javascript came along with the development of hardware, at the beginning, the computer had a few MB of memory, and it had to write programs in c. It had to constantly malloc the memory and then release it for fear of a slight memory leakage, in c, the allocated memory can be allocated to you one by one according to the pointer address. programmers in that era have to say that the level is higher than the present, and the quality of employment is also great, of course there were very few programmers at that time. when computers were just invented, several scientists were programming. with the development of hardware, the computer performance was constantly improved, memory and cpu keep getting bigger and faster, and then the memory is not so precious. In addition, the appearance of virtual machines and performance improvement make the explanatory language start to go to a previous page.
  • Many people think that there is no variable type in the interpreted language. this is really wrong. if there is no variable type, how can I allocate the memory address to you, how long is the memory address read from an address? So the answer is that all the variables in php are struct structs in c. In other words, struct is equivalent to a class in c ++ and is a hybrid data type, in php and java, in order to make everyone learn and understand, we can tell you that people are human beings, cats are cats, dogs are dogs, and you are human objects, ye is a dog object or something. I went to his uncle, and I was fooled like this, so I thought this is the object orientation, I also often hear this when talking to new people in the QQ group. I think the whole world is not good. who invented this? although it is a good metaphor, however, the object orientation is completely unrelated to the human cat Category. I learned a little basic c and c ++ syntaxes and then searched for the php kernel analysis article on google to understand it.
  • The speed, performance, and performance of interpreted language are the most common problems. because it is limited to virtual machines, it is impossible to compare the cpu and memory usage with the compiled language, however, with the decrease in computer costs, the rise of mobile terminals, and the increase in network speed, people find that the demand for applications overnight increases instantly, while performance can satisfy people's needs, everyone needs the speed of development. the cost of development time overnight allows the advantages of explanatory language to instantly fill in the small defects in performance, taking php as an example, we use java for the same project, and php for the same project. In the end, we found that the speed was limited to mysql and oracle, and the hard disk I/O speed was short, then we began to use redis to cache data, improve reading speed, and continue to use distributed architecture, server load balancer to handle large-scale Concurrency Problems. so in the past, many gui desktop software, they all started to have the corresponding web version. I believe no one would not like to install it. you only need a browser to access an address and log in to this access method. for example, after so many years, all the recipients in the country receive emails from browsers. many software products have the desktop version, but many people prefer the web version.
  • The web application uses interpreted language, which is perfect because web applications like to change the front-end ui and functions. I believe many programmers hate the product manager, if a website is developed using the C language for printf, it is estimated that the gcc compiler can press the gc keys of the keyboard every day, so there have been a lot of explanatory languages in the past few years, with the upgrade of hardware in the next few years, it will continue to flourish. in this way, Will c ++ and java die? No, no, no, it cannot die, because if a project requires performance and computing speed, it must be written in a compilation language, such as the major game engines, operating system kernels, various desktop gui software, servers, databases, and drivers are basically implemented by compilation languages. application-level development is increasingly eroded by php python ruby javascript.
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  • Let's talk about the new features of PHP 7.
  • The variable implementation in php is zval, the smallest unit in struct. this is short for zendvalue. this structure is rewritten in php7, and hashtable in php is rewritten, which compresses the volume a lot, the performance has been directly improved by 2 times. in my words, I also don't like php very much. after all, the speed is faster than the C language, php's weak type makes it necessary for him to waste too much memory to access a large number of variable types, and to spend a lot of time computing during pre-compilation, with some experienced php programmers, the written code is still quite good. if a novice sometimes writes the php code in a row, the compiler and virtual machine run like a smoke, aside from the C language, many of the other advanced object-oriented languages provide the speed of program code. the java code written by a novice programmer is definitely less efficient than the php code written by a veteran php programmer. so when php is criticized, it is also because php practitioners have a low level of universal technology.
  • This is indeed an indisputable fact. I met a lot of php programmers who did not even learn the data structure, but even did not even learn the C language. When asked, I knew that the training courses outside were so powerful, after training for a few months, a person will be able to go to work after coming out for an interview. now, it seems that all trainees like to train php. after all, the entry level is really low and there are no variable types, in addition, variables do not need to be declared, and some of the object-oriented polymorphism does not exist. the php interface can only be found to be useful when being injected. In contrast, java, interfaces, abstract classes, java is very standard. what I like most at the time was that hashtable treetable in it is really rich. in php, it is completely an array that is fully implemented using hashtable. the memory planning of php is really a mess and it cannot be compared with c ++ and java. to put it bluntly, why should we still learn php, because it is simple, it is not as complicated as java. I still like simple languages. Although the performance is indeed inferior to java and c, especially when running a loop, the C language has a strong performance.
  • However, the new PHP 7 syntax does make me dizzy. it is totally different from the previous syntax. in particular, the larvel framework is full of new syntaxes. it is estimated that larvel is so popular, it is all because of the results of the new syntax. after all, the code written is really nice-looking. a lot of anonymous functions and [] are everywhere in the past. now they are all square brackets.
When you say this. You have failed.
Do you still remember the text that I learned when I was in elementary school?
The pony passer asked the old ox if the river was too deep?
The old ox said that the river was very shallow, and I walked over without care;
The pony asked the squirrel again: is the river too deep?
Squirrel said: deep, very deep, almost drowned me a few days ago;
As a result, pony beat himself. Bravely crossed the river,
It was found that the river was neither as shallow nor as deep as the squirrel said. What's wrong with the best language in the world! Php is the best language in the world .....
Php advanced QQ group welcome to join 474370592 to learn well is always promising, which industry is good, depending on your degree of development! Someone told me five years ago that PHP would be eliminated. To learn JSP or ASP is the right path. The results showed that no JSP was recruited for several portal websites, all of which were PHP.

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