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There are always a group of people, learn a half-baked is anxious to find a job, face the question can not come out, bragging can not blow so you only low wages.

Before the interview please refer to: (the first three stages completed 80% in Beijing monthly salary 5k+)

First stage: (Php+mysql core programming)

Object Oriented Programming

MySQL database,

MySQL's optimization details.

HTTP protocol, HTTP is also the cornerstone of our web development. We know the underlying mechanism of PHP is very helpful, do know it, but also know why.

Database programming (MySQL mysqli PDO),

MySQL extensions, mysqli extension libraries, and PDO methods.

MVC development pattern, using MVC applications to be divided into three core components: models, views, controllers. Each of them handles its own task.

Cookies and session,session and cookies are the most important user behavior tracking techniques, especially for electric dealers, which are widely used in SNS projects.

PHP Graphics technology, skilled use of PHP drawing functions to complete the project requirements.

Phase II: (PHP Advanced)

PHP XML programming, using Dom/xpath/simpexml to operate the XML file, many Web sites are using XML to do configuration files, thereby reducing the coupling degree of the program.

Smarty template technology, in the MVC development of the use of Smarty technology to complete the view parts, in-depth understanding of the nature of the MVC pattern.




MVC framework, TP, or other

Linux (LAMP), configuration.

SVN version control,

Large portal Optimization core technology, page static, memcached caching technology, MySQL database depth optimization.

Phase III: (Two development technologies)

E-commerce systems (based on Shopex or ecshop)

CMS Content Management System (based on DEDECMS two development), Dream Content Management System (DEDECMS) based on php+mysql technology architecture.

Phase IV: (High-end, impact 10K)

MongoDB database, in the actual project flexible use MongoDB for CRUD operations, and using MONGODB to optimize the project, the MongoDB advanced features have a preliminary understanding.

Full-text indexing engine sphinx, through Sphinx Row high-speed indexing, high-speed search, and high availability. They provide more specialized search capabilities than the database itself, making it easier for applications to achieve specialized full-text searches, and flexible use of Sphinx for project optimization.

MySQL database read and write separation technology, the correct installation and configuration of MySQL master and slave server and replication. In the case of high concurrency, mass storage and heavy load in the Web site, the flexible use of MySQL read and write separation optimization site.

e-mail technology, can use PHP email functions and Phpmailer class to send mail, correctly set up and configure their own mail server to complete the send and receive, the STMP and POP3 protocols have understanding, to complete the real demand for mail development.

PHP Online payment technology, at present, many large-scale e-commerce sites are applied to the online payment technology, such as handle nets, Taobao, Dangdang and so on.

Nginx and server cluster technology, Nginx is a very high performance Web and reverse proxy server, it has many excellent features: in the case of high connectivity concurrency, can support up to 50,000 concurrent connection number of the response. You can also support external services as an HTTP proxy server. Nginx is also a very good mail proxy server.

Reprint please specify the Source: PHP Programmer to master what technology

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