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Php Chinese network (www.php.cn) provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time, this site also provides a large number of online instances, through which you can better learn programming... Reply: phpstorm, windows, linux, and mac can be used. it is very useful. I have used a lot of IDE and finally chose phpstorm. IDE is too slow to open,
I used sublime text2 for online debugging. PHPStorm

I don't like some people who come up with Sublime Text, Vim or something. these things are fun for people with many programming experiences. many new users are connected to code documents, code formatting, SVN, tools such as Debugger have not been used yet, and even the running environment does not work. You say that writing code to an editor is enough. they don't know the steps after editing, how to submit, how to debug, and how to troubleshoot. If I have seen it, I will use a text editor. I don't know anything about other steps. I don't even know how to view the returned values of the new function. If an error is reported or the program output is incorrect, I will go back and forth, A waste of time and enthusiasm.

It's like some people love to learn from new people. don't use a framework, it will make you lazy. Mao, new users who don't need a framework don't even know what basic concepts should a Web program have, how to separate code, how to cache, how to filter user input, and how to generate pages. Such remarks are not true. The one that you used was the best in May 21, 2016.
Today, I want to add that php code should be developed using ide at the remote end (remote development, if the company has a public development machine or its own virtual machine, and the code is not on the local machine.
I tried two methods (under mac ):
1, Use Samba to Mount remote code locally. The result is that the local machine has a directory, which is synchronized with the code of the remote server in real time. Then use the ide (phpstorm) for development. For details about how to configure samba server, refer to Samba Server Installation and Configuration on CentOS 7. . In this way, I spent about three months and felt unstable.
2, Sftp plug-in using sublime text. The procedure is as follows:
(1) create an empty directory on the local machine.
(2) open the empty sublime Directory, right click-> sftp-> map to remote..., and then edit the configuration (provided that the sftp plug-in is installed first ):

{// The tab key will cycle through the settings when first created // Visit http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/sftp/settings for help // sftp, ftp or ftps "type": "sftp", "save_before_upload ": true, "upload_on_save": true, "sync_down_on_open": true, "sync_skip_deletes": false, "sync_same_age": true, "confirm_downloads": false, "confirm_sync": false, "confirm_overwrite_newer": false, // remote host "host ": "", "user": "xushengbin", "password": "xushengbin", "port": "22", "remote_path ": "/data/www/wwwroot", // The Following matching items are not synchronized. "Ignore_regexes": ["\. sublime-(project | workspace)", "sftp-config (-alt \ d ?)? \\. Json "," sftp-settings \\. json ","/venv /","\\. svn /","\\. hg /","\\. git /","\\. bzr "," _ darcs "," CVS ","\\. DS_Store "," Thumbs \\. db "," desktop \\. ini ","/log/","/bin/"]," extra_list_connections ": 4," connect_timeout ": 30," preserve_modification_times ": true ,}
I don't believe that only Editplus is used. PhpDesigner 7 is currently in use, which is good. Try PhpStorm! Good tools are not much to say, who knows who to use! I recommend PHPStrom for IDE, which is much better than Eclipse + php. Code completion, refactoring, and code reading are all very good. In addition, SVN is also integrated, and static checks will be performed when code is submitted (similar to PC-Lint, of course, due to the characteristics of the PHP language, some Warning is not a problem), as well as good support for HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery and so on.

If you only need one editor, it is Sublime Text. PHPStorm is really easy to use and looks good. it can be used to kill both the front and back ends. all kinds of prompts are comprehensive, but I always think there are some cards. My computer configuration is not very low. why is there always some cards ...... Sublime is very lightweight and runs fast and smooth, but sublime is too light. when the notebook is okay ......
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