Who can we contact for information consulting of Construction Enterprises?

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Recently, the Ministry of Construction has solicited comments on the new "construction general contracting enterprise special level qualification standards. The following indicators are added:

Iii. Progress in Science and Technology
1. Enterprises have provincial and ministerial level or above Technical (R & D) centers.
2. An enterprise has one or more State-level construction methods.
3. Expenditure on Enterprise science and technology activities accounts for more than 1% of the turnover.
4. Enterprises have participated in the compilation of industrial standards at the provincial and ministerial levels, or have obtained relevant departments at or above the provincial and ministerial levels in the last five years.
Technical Progress Awards.
5. Enterprises have established an information management platform.

In particular, the 5th indicators prompted the company to take actions in the "Informatization" construction. One task assigned to me by the leaders was to "introduce a third-party consulting company" to plan the informatization construction of the enterprise.

Q: How can I find an information consulting company with industry experience? The following are our experiences for reference by our peers who have the same requirements.

WePrinciples for consulting companiesYes:

1) local companies with headquarters or at least local branches;

2) the consulting company's service is mainly "Information consulting", or a major product/service of the consulting company;

3) experts with industry experience. (The consulting company has or hired it)

Has presided over or participated in project construction process management and construction enterprise operation management; has consulting experience in manufacturing industry (such as ship, large equipment, automobile and other large machinery) similar to engineering construction;

4) The consulting cost is low. (Construction is a meager profit Industry !)


The sources of the methods or information to be searched are Internet and consulting books. Keywords: Information Consulting, IT Consulting, consulting companies, famous consulting companies.


Finally,Consulting companies that meet local conditions in GuangzhouAs follows:

A,PegPeg Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Http://www.pegem.com/

Room 739, geological building, No. 310 Dongfeng East Road, Guangzhou

B,AMTGuangzhou Branch http://www.amteam.org

Room 1411-1412, dongbao building, No. 767 Dongfeng East Road, Guangzhou

C. Hamp Management Consulting (China) Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Branch http://www.hanconsulting.com

Room 233, CITIC Guangzhou, No. 2003 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

D. Beijing zhengluoche Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Beijing xinxin Management Consulting Co., Ltd) Guangzhou BranchHttp://www.adfaith.com/

Layer 7, taiheng building, No. 18, Yima Road, Temple, Wuyang New Town, Guangzhou

Through communication with the above consulting companies, we found that there were no "Construction Company" consulting cases. Whether it is traditional management consulting or information consulting, close case of Hamp company is"China Architectural Science Research Institute. Some companies have consulting experience in the real estate industry, but the real estate companies belong to the owners and are not construction enterprises.

(To be continued ...)


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