Why are you always hard to learn about Linux? This is my answer.

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Why are you always hard to learn about Linux? This is my answer.

Why should we learn about Linux? Linux has developed rapidly in recent years, especially in the server field. It has brought many new technologies, such as cloud computing, virtualization, and big data, there have also been great security development, but it has also brought more requirements and challenges to the Linux O & M work. Linux, as a server system, serves various industries and is widely used in the market, thanks to the stability, efficiency, and flexibility of Linux. Linux has also made great strides in the desktop field. Especially driven by ubuntu, many Linux releases come with their own desktop systems. Although there is still a gap between Linux and Microsoft windows, however, Linux is more stable and efficient than windows.
I first came into contact with Linux in the second year of college because I had my laptop in the first year. At that time, the operating systems installed on the mainstream computers around me were Microsoft's Windows XP, so I thought that the computer was Windows XP, but I never thought about it. In this world, apart from Microsoft's Windows XP, there are other operating systems. In the second year of college, my laptop had an unexpected blue face. After I restarted the system, I still couldn't enter the system. Later I learned that I had to reinstall the system. I wanted to buy a pirated XP package and re-install the system. Although I didn't understand it at the time, I never thought about whether I would install the system. Maybe I was a beginner, when I bought an xp cd, I saw a different operating system CD, so I was curious to buy it. I didn't understand it at the time. I only knew that the cover was a red hat and I wrote Redhat Enterprise Linux 12.0. Later it was confirmed that it was a pirated CD, but it was actually RedHat9.0. When I went back to install the system, I directly went to RedHat9.0, So that I had a successful installation. At that time, I was only interested, because I didn't know the difference between Linux and windows. I have been using it as a desktop and have never encountered blue faces, crashes, or restarts since then, in addition, there were few advertisements and they were very comfortable to use. At that time, the only thing that was unacceptable was the lack of QQ and MSoffice. After all, I was still a student and there was a piece of windowsXP around me, so I couldn't help it, finally, I switched back to Windows XP. At that time, I used Linux as a desktop, but I didn't know the difference between Linux and windows. After work, I accidentally got into touch with Linux again to know that Linux is so powerful. I accidentally got in touch with Liu's book "Linux should be so learned" on the Internet, I want to learn about Linux systematically. I followed the experiment operation in the book and quickly learned the basic knowledge and learned how to configure and manage basic services.

Next, let's talk about my own experience in learning Linux. How can I learn Linux? "to learn how to do things well, you must first sharpen the tool." First, you must select a proper version. For Beginners, we suggest learning CentOS, the latest version is 7.2. As a server used by most enterprises, CentOS has a large user base and can easily find a solution to problems. It is compiled by Red Hat Enterprise Linux of RedHat according to the open source code. Because of the same source code, some servers that require high stability use CentOS instead of the commercial version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The difference between the two lies in that CentOS does not contain closed source code software. To download the CentOS system, you can go to the CentOS Chinese site and open source image sites. If you are the first Linux User, try to install Fedora. Fedora is based on Red Hat Linux. After Red Hat Linux is released, redHat plans to replace Red Hat Linux's personal applications with Fedora, and also releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Edition Linux, RHEL) this replaces Red Hat Linux in commercial applications. Currently, the latest version of Fedora25 has been released. The installation process is simple and the update speed is fast. It provides good hardware support and beautiful interfaces. you can experience the latest Linux functions. After you are familiar with it, you still need to learn more, we recommend that you use the RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux) series Linux system for learning. The RHEL system has a wide range of applications and is representative in the server field. the servers of basic large Internet companies use RHEL as the operating system. After learning the RHEL system, you can quickly integrate yourself into the production and working environment of your enterprise. You can also access other Linux releases quickly. There are still many things that focus on learning using RHEL. It is easier to communicate with each other and solve problems in learning. The most important thing is that the RHEL system is quite easy to install and use, so we won't waste too much time on installing the system.
When we start to learn Linux, do not use Windows thinking to think about problems in learning, because they are indeed quite different. In Linux, commands are primarily used. The essence of Linux is the command line. Although Linux also has a desktop system, X-windows is only an application in Linux. Therefore, if you want to learn a Linux system well, you must learn how to use the command line. For beginners who have just switched from a Windows system to a Linux system, it is too difficult to study the boring command line immediately, however, once we have learned it, we can realize that its functions are too powerful. Many beginners say so many commands, how can I remember them? In fact, you don't need to memorize it. You can refer to this post: http://www.linuxprobe.com/trainingand the number of commonly used commands is really limited. You can use them every day. The Linux system is actually very user-friendly. You can use help, such as the "ls" command. If you cannot remember its parameters, you can use "man ls" for detailed instructions. So we can master the command, right? In fact, it is still necessary to operate and practice frequently, because the human brain is not a computer and can be read as long as the data is stored. Our memory has a forgotten curve, so we need to use it frequently, will not forget. As mentioned above, Linux should have learned this way. This book is actually well written. Only when you follow the experiment and practice in the book, can you learn basic commands and service configurations, it is hard to learn if you are not diligent in practice, because Linux is a very practical system. We often encounter problems when learning to use the Linux operating system. Now the network is very developed. You can check the information online at any time, but we cannot rely entirely on the information of others on the network, because everyone encounters different problems. Therefore, we must learn to solve problems independently, instead of copying others' solutions. To learn about Linux, you must learn a little English. The technical documents are first published in English. If you want to learn more about Linux, try to read the English documents.
To sum up, the first phase of Linux learning focuses on basic commands. Compare the books with other practical commands to understand the basic operations of the Linux system; the second stage is to learn the configuration, network configuration, and system security configuration of various application servers. The third stage is to learn a programming language, python, perl, and develop towards senior O & M engineers and architects. RedHat is an open-source leader in the Linux Industry. RedHat certification specifies the direction for Linux beginners. If you do not know how to learn from Linux, you can check the requirements of RedHat certification on Linux learners, I wish you all the best in Linux!

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