Why build a website with self-help station system?

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As we all know, the rise and popularization of the Internet has almost covered the life of the whole people. Then in this phenomenon behind, there must be a carrier-site. Web site is an essential part of the Internet transmission of information, so whether the enterprise e-commerce or personal Internet users if they want to advertise on the web, they need a website to publish and publicize their products and works. So the problem, for it outsiders, to build a website is not an easy thing ah, at this timeself-built station systemis the best choice. Follow the small series to discuss the self-help station that little thing.

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Why build a website with self-help station system?

self-help station system is a set of perfect, intelligent system, so many build station rookie only need very simple operation can easily set up their own website. "Can be typed to build a website", regardless of what type of portal site, as long as you will be a simple computer operation can be built by self-help station quickly build a corporate website. This is the domain name registration query self-help station to build the idea of the site. This kind of construction station way not only saves the cost, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient. It is to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises on the Internet and expand their business to achieve greater profits and benefits.

self-built stations include: Virtual hosting, website programs, site templates and so on. After you purchase, everything is ready, and with a lot of site templates, just need you to choose the right template for your site. Self-built station system comes with the background, you just need to log in to the backstage, the content you need to add on it. In this, small piece of personal recommend a good self-help build station system Bar--Build Station box self-help build station. Free Trial AddressHttp://www.iisp.com/design/?s=yanan

Build Station Box is a self-help building system to meet the needs of tens of thousands of of small and medium-sized enterprise users. Hundreds of web sites by the function of fast, thousands of Web site templates, website promotion, mobile phone site combination. Help enterprises to easily solve domain name registration, host leasing, web site development to the final publishing site of the cumbersome issues, the realization of the website is to buy the open. Its demand for different industries carefully designed the site columns and Web style, while supporting three languages Chinese version of the website, traditional version of the website, the English version of the website, the use of powerful management platform. The Building station box is a great limit for enterprises to save the cost of building a station, and shorten the time for enterprises to build stations.

How to build a self-service station

first, determine the theme of the website. The enterprise is the product propaganda, the personal website is own individuality and the characteristic, to what interest or what special skill.

Ii. Collection of content and related materials. After the site theme is determined, it is necessary to start from the major network platforms or real-life newspapers, television, multimedia, books, CD-ROM and so on to collect materials and related information, upload a good rich own website, to attract users and readers of the eyeball.

third, planning the site layout, design website style. What kind of site layout you want is based on the needs of your corporate website.

Four, the search for Web-making tools. There are many web page making tools online, such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage. In addition, you need some image editing tools, animation tools, web effects tools and so on.

register domain name and purchase space. Domain name is equivalent to the business card of the website, so choose a good domain name is very necessary oh. So what is a good domain name? Of course it is important to remember, simple, short, have meaning, image, ingenious and so on. Space is divided into several kinds, domestic space, Hong Kong and Taiwan space, foreign space, in the purchase of space according to the site script to choose the corresponding database space.

six, upload test. Upload the website to the space you purchased via FTP, and then copy and paste the URL into your browser to test whether your site will open properly.

vii. Promotion and promotion website.

Eight, update the content, maintenance system.

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through the above reading, I believe you have a self-help station has a simple understanding, it is so time and effort, not only convenient maintenance site, operation is very simple oh. If you also have the idea of building a website, try building a station box to build a self-help station. This article is from the source of anti-Nick, reproduced please specify the source of the article: Why use self-help station system to build the site? :Http://www.iisp.com/ztview/F_yanan05311.html

Why build a website with self-help station system?

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