Why can't the experts leave the Linux system? This is my reason.

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Why can't the experts leave the Linux system? This is my reason.

Through this article, I will record my learning experience in Linux, talk about why I cannot leave the Linux system, and answer questions for users who want to try Linux and have scruples, next we will introduce you to my favorite Linux system. Here are some facts that you should know and be proud.

Here, you should first leave the Windows system aside. The editor does not say that the windows system is not good, but simply talks about some advantages of Linux, so that you can fully understand the features of the Linux system, we hope these will be the perfect reason you fall in love with Linux.

  1. Linux in my eyes?

Speaking of Linux systems, it is both unfamiliar and familiar. I have never heard of the word "system" a few years ago, not to mention Linux. It's just a face of embarrassment. it's not until the teacher talks about the Linux system that I have a little idea, I only know that it is an advanced "software" that can run on a computer. When I really study it in depth, I understand that it is a better operating system than Windows, and it is open-source, maybe beginners mistakenly believe that open source is free! This can be said in turn (free is open source ). He is a free and open-source UNIX-like operating system. Anyone can use it freely without any restrictions, so that 60% of the world's users are using it. Today, no matter where you are, you cannot use Linux. According to statistics, more than 2 billion people carry their Android phones out every day. The underlying layer of Linux is the Linux system, today's Linux systems are everywhere, and more people are familiar with them.

Linux is also widely used in embedded systems, such as Mobile phones, tablets, routers, TVs, and game consoles, the Android operating system widely used on mobile devices is built on the Linux kernel. It also provides many Linux distributions for desktop users and servers to choose from.

  1. "Investment brain"-learning Linux will be a long process

When we know the advantages of Linux, there is no reason not to know about it. It is worth further study and we need to explore the Linux World. I don't mind recommending a Linux tutorial book "Linux should be like this". This is also a good book I have recently read. This book can further improve my understanding of the Linux system and broaden your horizons.

It is precisely for these reasons that I like Linux. After reading this article, I hope you will also like Linux and open source.

  1. "Explosive" multi-user, multi-task, and multi-thread

The Linux system supports multiple users at the same time. each user has special rights to his/her file devices, ensuring that each user does not interfere with each other, just as if the mobile phone has opened an assistant, login to multiple qq accounts at the same time. When the hardware configuration is very high, each user can execute multiple tasks at the same time, multiple threads work at the same time, and improve efficiency, which is a perfect mess, however, by multiple users, other operating systems are completely cracked.

  1. Rock solid-stability and efficiency

You may hear that the Windows Server suddenly goes down after a long time, but you will never hear that the Linux system server is stuck because it does not take a long time. In Linux, this is almost never the case. Linux servers can run endlessly without downtime, because they inherit the excellent stability and efficiency of Unix. He is favored by many users because of his stability. Because of his efficiency, it has a wider range of use. However, Linux can also provide some highly reliable services, such: LNMP, virtualization, and database services.

  1. "Solid if gold"-security and SELinux

Its security is much more secure than other systems. Because Linux has a large number of users and open-source community support, it can quickly detect system vulnerabilities and quickly release security patches for timely updates, at the same time, it also has a strong "immunity" and is rarely attacked by viruses. For an open system, it is very likely to have security risks while facilitating users. However, using Linux's built-in firewall (iptables, firewalld), intrusion detection, security authentication, and other tools to promptly fix system vulnerabilities can greatly improve the security of Linux systems and allow hackers to take advantage of them, at the same time, there is also the security enhancement mechanism SElinux, which provides mandatory access control in the Linux kernel with comprehensive functions and can well protect systems and services, but many people like to disable it, this is relatively less secure. In addition, Tcp_wrappers can also provide good Network Service Access Control. The Linux system also provides excellent management of user and file management permissions, and can control permissions well to ensure the confidentiality of files, it is incomparable to other systems, so the Linux system is indestructible to some extent.

  1. "This is so capricious"-performance advantages

To ensure the stability of Linux, the kernel is not as bloated and full of loopholes as other operating systems. As the Linux kernel is constantly updated, it keeps improving its advantages, the Linux operating system can fully reflect the advantages of the server hardware, because the Linux system draws on the development experience of the Unix System in the recent 1/4 century, the most important is the Linux open source code, to ensure system stability, it also provides a wide range of system resource tools, such as top, freee, df, vmstat, dmesg, iostat, sar, and uptime, to facilitate resource utilization, linux commands:Http://www.linuxprobe.com/chapter-02.html

  1. "Nobody is perfect"-I admit that he has shortcomings.

Despite the fact that Linux is superior, there may be deficiencies. This is undeniable! I don't think the GUI is friendly enough because it is rarely used. However, the major Linux distributions have already improved the desktop, for example, the desktop has been greatly improved after RHEL7.

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